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Upgrade on why One Piece planet is bigger than what we thought!

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So most people here agree that one piece planet is bigger than our planet.

There are many evidences telling us that the OP planet is bigger than ours

1.Alabasta which i believe its 3000+km Country.

2:Tequila Wolf Which is a huge bridge that has been working for 700+ years non stop

3:OP Planet has 7 Moons

4:In Ch 964 Marco said that there are at least 20Mil Islands (he didnt say that they are discovered islands or not also he didnt even count countries nor continents) and in Rl Planet our earth we discovered around 2000 islands but they also said that they believe there are at most 1mil islands on earth, so wouldnt this suggest that the OP Planrt is at least 20 times bigger than our earth (and im even lowbaling it) and i believe there are also some evidences that i missed/didnt count.

I think its time to upgrade the OP Planet and give it its justice, as we saw there are so many evidences that considers's the OP planet is bigger than our earth.

Thanks hope this helps and please tell me your thoughts.
yes you even agreed on that but why would we wait for nami and we have these evidences?
why wouldnt this work if we already have these many evidences,

what?! we should only see the whole planet to believe wether this is right or wrong?? some animes/comic had the same things and they got upgraded but on this we even had at least 4 or more evidences that suppert the idea but still you dont want to add......

@Utenok123 the offical one
Same, can you show the official translation? He says there are an unspecified amount more than 10 or 20 thousand in the translation I read. On average, One Piece islands are extremely small in contrast to some in the real world, most of the planet is encompassed with water (and from the research I've just done, significantly more than the 71% our planet Earth has) so One Piece world having more islands doesn't mean the planet is bigger at all. I don't think there's enough justification for me to agree with this.

We need evidence of the planet being bigger, yeah. Some people think it should be like Neptune, for the amount of moons, but no confirmation about that throws us back.

I'm aware that some verses have done this, but that's the reason why we had a big discussion about "scaling" the planet from some distances. Such verses have been changed and revised.
Im sure that OP planet is much bigger than Earth, but do not rush yet. Things that also hint at this : Violet fruit with 4000 km radius vision. It says that with this range, it only observes 1 country. Kuma sent flying the strawhats for 3 days? Arabasta size and moons
To be fair, Viola never stated that her range was enough to cover Dressrosa only. She said she could see everything in the country, but never specified the limit.
ya we have many evidences to support this but if its one piece we dont.

cool this is really unfair for OP.

anyways @Purgy on offcial webside viz it says 20mil u can check it.
this not about just about unfair but you just dont want to accpet it.

even someone (forgot his name it starts at ug somthing..) did a calc on alabasta also its distance near it and it was more than 47000km (and let me remind grand line raod sea is like 10-15% of the world and it gave alabasta + sea 47000km)

and many more ofcurse
Viz only let you read the first and last three chapters unless you pay for the full manga.
Viz isn't infallible and you haven't even posted the Viz scan, I have the Japanese raws of the One Piece manga and to my knowledge it says thousand

When the spoilers for this Chapter came out, I also heard about 20 million. idk. In fan translations, everything is different.
Translating from Japanese is difficult, especially when it comes to numbers. Mistakes are often made

this is on twitter. this guy does many great things and one of them is translation


"I think the 20 thousand part is a mistranslation,should be 20 million? Which's why I agree with some people who've suggested you should match up your analysis with VIZ, since it's more accurate.Also the "drawing" might be referring to his name,Òé½Òâ½Òâ× which can be written as µÑ¡".
As far as I can tell, the problem is that thousand is said twice. But it wouldn't make sense for Oda to say "A thousand thousand islands" even though one thousand thousand something is one million, nobody talks like that. It would make way more sense for him to just say million if that's what he was trying to say. Not sure if that makes sense. Regardless, I don't think it should be used as evidence since we can't prove either way, every manga translation I've read of it has said 10 thousand or 20 thousand.
I disagree, again Viz has made mistakes before. It doesn't really matter though since the evidence you've posted for this thread isn't enough so it shouldn't be accepted.
dude are srs?

viz said 20mil but your not agreeing?

did u go to the link above? the guy translate it and it says 20mil but you still dont agree?

if u dont want to accept it then thats your openion
In any case, it won't do anything. Oda is an idiot. Onigashima will be another island of 3 km, where no one will destroy anything

it doesnt matter the island we saw is way lower than 20mil keep that in mind wether its small or big i could say the same to our earth many island are small too
"Viz is 100% right", factually wrong, they've been wrong on multiple occasions actually. We're not just going to assume the Viz translation is correct simply because you want it to be.
E7bd97c2ebe27c1966a8fedd0ef13a0c (1)
Viz isn't infallible and this shouldn't be used as evidence since it can be translated both ways.
dude viz is like 99% right and ur only assuming its wrong becasue you want it to be if that the case i could say many chapter as "wrong transalted" and make some upgrade with these

what we saw on viz is that marco said it 20mil ur the wrong one here buddy.
I see 10,000,000 in that raw.

Õìâõ©ç = 10,000,000; ten million; myriad

Together those 2 Kanji make 10,000,000 if they were separate theyd be 1,000 or 10,000.

1,000; thousand = Õìâ

10,000; ten thousand = õ©ç
Viz called a clear and obvious A Class hero in One Punch Man a S Class Hero. I take what they say with a grain of salt.
What's the point? 1)If there were 100 million of them, it wouldn't prove the size of the planet. 2)Oda will draw battles on ships and killing tops from guns to the end of the manga.
@The Calaca

it should be because our planet have at most 1mil island and they only descoverd 2000 island

but also this is one of many evidences that suggest's the planet is bigger than our planet.
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