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Under the Sea CRT

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Firstly, Surume (One Piece)'s durability. It was one-shotted by Luffy's Gear Third so it should not be around that level. His durability should be around Franky's level at best (Low 7-B) since he was able to withstand it without being badly injured.

Now, onto our favorite racist fishman of the sea, Hody Jones. Firstly, I want to discuss a rating for Base Hody. Right now, we have him at 'Unknow, likely HIgh 8-C", but I propose a different rating for his base stat and that is "Low 7-B" or "Likely Low 7-B". My reasoning behind this are because:-

  • Another is that he managed to go to the North Pole and captured and enslaved Surume, who is durable enough to withstand Franky's attack and his family.

Now onto abilities for the white shark fishman that he is missing:-

  • Healing: Energy Steroids seems to have stimulant or revitalizing properties as he was able to quickly recover from being one-shotted from Zoro quickly after one pill.

And finally, one of his abilities listed on his profile need some working/fix:

Not open for further replies.