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hody jones

  1. That_moron2

    Addressing the Goofy Ah Hody Scaling(And Trebol)

    So currently we have Monster Hody at Island Level whilst, Luffy(without G3), Law, and Doflamingo are all Large Mountain Level. This is stupid.es Base Luffy clearly hits Hody so hard that his eyes white out. And he goes flying so hard he loses his teeth. And the Red Hawk wounds him so much he...
  2. Eseseso

    Hody Jones justification removal, plus a justification for post timeskip Lucci

    Hody Jones'profile states how he hurt King Neptune who Usopp was afraid of. However this doesn't work since Brook, who scales above Gear 2nd who stomped Hody Jones, says that King Neptune will be a challenge to beat, so it doesn't make sense for Hody to scale to someone Brook viewed as a tough...
  3. KingKenjo

    God Attempts to Defeat Racism (Grace)

    Because this is really funny, let's do this. The Authority vs Hody Jones 10-C keys, Speed equal, battle takes place inside a Burger King in Nebraska. Can racism truly be abolished? Or will God's attempts fail? A Decrepit Old God: 0 A Shriveled Up Drug Abusing Fish: 0 They Both Get a Heart...
  4. Soulgizmo

    Carrot vs Hody bunny vs shark

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hody_Jones https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Carrot_(One_Piece) Sulong carrot and 5 energy steroid Hody. Fight takes place on Zou. Both bloodlusted with some knowledge on each other. Fight takes place 20 yards apart. Carrot:Nierre Hody: Incon:
  5. KobsterHope07

    Shark, shark and… yeah that’s it (One Piece)

    Essentially a CRT on sharks in One Piece… in which I means Hody and Arlong mostly. Let’s how this hastily put together CRT goes. First thing first I would like to propose Damage Boost for the two of them. Arlong stated here that as a shark he can regenerate his teeth and each time he does so...
  6. KingTempest

    Fish-Man Karate Multiplier Under Water

    Please Read Message #5 Before You Agree With The OP or NOT Sorry for the repeated OP CRTs, but I brought this up months ago in the Dressrosa CRT and I'll quickly get it over with. Fish-Men were stated to get some of their Fish-Men karate techniques multiplied by 2 while under water. I've...
  7. KingTempest

    One Piece Post Timeskip Up to Dressrosa

    This is the thread where we will be discussing the potential revisions for post timeskip characters. Things that will be discussed. How others scale to the 377 megaton feat done by Pica. How others scale to the 420 megaton feat done by Fujitora. How others scale to others...
  8. PlumCrayfish376

    Sharks' Regenerationn

    Thanks to Calaca's recent thread, I was reminded to this for the duo, Hody Jones and Arlong. According to our Regenerationn page, regenerating body parts like fingers, toes and ears are considered High-Low, wouldn't the ability to regrow your teeth near-instantly be considered High Low as...
  9. PlumCrayfish376

    Under the Sea CRT

    Firstly, Surume (One Piece)'s durability. It was one-shotted by Luffy's Gear Third so it should not be around that level. His durability should be around Franky's level at best (Low 7-B) since he was able to withstand it without being badly injured. Now, onto our favorite racist fishman of the...
  10. KobsterHope07

    Minor Hody CRT

    This CRT is all dedicated to our 'favorite' Fishman of the Sea, Hody Jones. To start, I feel like Hody's stat could do some improving For his Overdosed key, his AP is fine as it is, but the problem is his Durability. Hody has shown to be quite the durable fish and has show to get hit a lot...
  11. Kazuma_kuwabara

    Hody Jones vs Mr Burns

    THE BATTLE OF THE MILLENIUM (literally) Who will win? Our famous Mr.Burns? Or our newcomer,the "30" years old Hody Jones? Both at 10-C , Speed equalized Hody jones: 0 Burns: 0 both in a graveyard: 1
  12. SuperKamiNappa

    Hody Jones vs. Rikka Takanashi

    Overdosed Hody Rikka's delusions are real, no mechs allowed Speed Equalized
  13. Mickey1940

    Hordy vs Sea King

    Hordy at his strongest ever vs Sea King Fight takes place underwater Hordy's steroids don't make him old, and don't wear off No prep Win by KO or death
  14. SunGodAttun

    Shark battle! Kisame vs Hody Jones

    Samehada fused kisame vs overdosed Hody