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Tokubetsu Jōnin for contemporary's Kakashi | Upgrade & Revisions



We have 2 characters in the Naruto poem, they are set to be Low 7-C from they are definitely stronger with the members of the Sound Four which has been scaled through This But their true strength is still unclear. As we know, Genma and Raido have just returned from a mission that has been completed and they are both very tired, then they fight with the members of the Sound Four And forcing them to use their full power


They are stronger than expected, we should not just scale from their weak range.

For example

Hayate can damage Baki, who has the scale above Choji and is stronger than Gaara Past 1, Tsuna's senior Jounin, and council members.



Raido is going to stab Kakuzu's head if he doesn't dodge it. And create scratches for Kakuzu, which covers the body higher with armor


or Genma is being challenged to fight with Baki and seems to have fought.




Or Aoba and Raido were chosen to lead Choji and Ino to join Asuma to stop Kakuzu and Hidan.

The offer

Genma Raido Hayate and others should have a lot of 7-C in their profile since Hayate can do damage to Baki, so, they should have tiers from at least Low 7-C to 7-C for at most

At least Low 7-C, at most 7-C

And their speed should also be upgraded as well, they should not adjust the speed through them of Jirobo

They can contact half of Muu , which has a speed divided by 2 from 14675 Mach which has a result equal to 7337.5 Mach or MHS +, but they will not scale through Mach 7337.5, just use the speed of MHS + like Hayate

Possibly Massively Hypersonic+



At least Low 7-C, at most 7-C




Attack Potency: Town level (Holding back against Baki)



Attack Potency: Town level (Matched with Baki and damaged him)


Possibly Massively Hypersonic+

okay then, what do you think?

Tumblr nssfmhM9Ud1s6jwxuo1 1280
Wrath Of Itachi said:
The feat in the OP that's being used to justify the AP is no longer valid.
them of Genma can be from at least Low 7-C to 7-C, since Jirobo has the power of the AP 5.1 Kiloton of Small town+, but the town level starts at 5.8 kiloton, which is only 0.7 Kiloton less.

also Genma, He said for himself that his chakras are very lose.

If the loss of the chakras causes more weakness

and if his chakra is only 5-10 percent of all chakras I don't think it would be wrong if he would be 7-C from his full power, Because it's just 0.7 Kiloton
p.s. I didn't like that Kishimoto wrote the script for Genma to lose The Sound Four and then let Kiba Shikamaru Neji Kankuro and Temaru beat them, WTF. Although he would wrote the script saying that Genma was very tired and lost almost all chakras, But it made his reputation worse, about he having lost to the The Sound Four
Moreover, not only the remaining chakras are low, but they do not have the chakras

sound 4 They say by themselves, that they are like dying every time, and would die if continuing.

and still fighting in 2 vs 1 conditions


out of energy or No chakra Genma >= 2 the sound 4

have chakra genma >>>>>>>>>>> the sound 4

@Jvando; I think that the Special Jonin in question was part of the group that was chasing after the Kabuto-controlled Muu while the 5 Kage were taking on Madara; but that doesn't really mean a lot since they didn't actually manage to capture and defeat him.

S4 will not scale from him

He fought in a state where all his no chakras, and were 2vs1

Genma can follow Zetsu, Baki and Muu, and Raido can appear in front of Kakuzu.

S4 is no way do like they can do it.
> Raido can appear in front of Kakuzu

Wasn't that when Kakuzu was distracted / had his vision obstructed?
But it just only a moment when crows hid to his vision and made Kakuzu not aware that Raido was traveling in front of him.

After that he saw Raido's black sword, causing him to see Raido completely and almost unable to dodge his attacks in time.
I think the stuff not crossed out seems fine, basically what Jvando said.
Regarding Baki, his justification is:

> At least Town level (As a high ranking jonin from Sunagakure and a member of its council, he should at least be comparable to Asuma)

Since that is a rating that isn't based off of a solid feat or direct scaling, shouldn't his rating by changed to:

> Likely Town level (As a high ranking jonin from Sunagakure and a member of its council, he should at least be comparable to Asuma)

And likewise these two other characters should be denoted as "Likely" as well?
Other 7-C characters have direct scaling though; Baki is just being rated on the assumption that he should be at least comparable to Asuma. So a "Likely" makes more sense here going by the Attack Potency page:

>Likely: Should be used to list a hypothetical statistic for a character, but inconclusive due to lack of feats or viable power-scaling. Probability of said hypothetical statistic should be favourable.

Baki is listed without feats or direct scaling.