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The Strongest Reactive Power Levels/Accelerated Developments on the wiki.

In your opinion, Which characters do you believe possess some of the most powerful Reactive Power Levels or Accelerated Developments on the wiki?
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I mean I'm sure there's some wacky 10th dimensional shit or whatever out there but shoutout to saitama, who has exponential growth without a limiter, even though there's def better ones out there
Amazo's reactive evolution took him from city level to planet level, and then jumped to low complex multiversal.

And then of course there's scp-682, but scp is bleh.
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Don't think reactive evolution counts in this case, since it is far more potent and can deal with more complex stuff, while AD is just increasing stats
well the only thing being measured for this thread is stat increases anyways, so reactive evolution's other benefits wouldn't matter really
Joker from Persona 5. Or just any human in persona who can get 1-A key by simply farming and fighting stronger entity

For my Favorite verse it is Captain or The World.
The Captain is said to be something that accelerates evolution and growth. Just his will to block an attack and save his friend puts him in low 1-C from 4-A
Shoutout to my man Kratos, the God of War.

As the God of War, he literally grows stronger and faster with every passing moment without needing to do anything. Man has passive Reactive Evolution that not even he knows exists, man literally powered through Time Stop, Time Manip, Time Slow, Telekinesis and Age Manip all at the same time as a demigod, and then in GOW2 he literally overpowered Fate Manip without being affected the slightest by his Thread of Fate being cut by the Sisters of Fate, which should've killed him instantly, but instead he just kept moving on as if nothing happened to him, he merely developed his own will to defy the Sisters and now that's where we are.

Granted, this is weaker in Norse, but Kratos getting ragdolled by Baldur initially, to then brutally ragdolling him back within seconds in combat speaks volumes, and then there's Kratos overpowering Heimdall's precog and mind-reading, before anyone puts the credit to Draupnir, Heimdall with his mind-reading would've easily and instantly realized Kratos's intentions with it, but he didn't, and even after being stunned by it, he recovered quite quickly (It wasn't enough to overwhelm his senses from full recovery) and Kratos was unable to land a solid hit in the first run, but in the second run, he got close by landing a hit on his bracers, and in the third leg he finally pulled a feint, grabbed Heimdall and then landed a solid right hook on him. Not the first time either, Kratos defied the Fates' precognition as well as that of Zeus's, he truly is a warrior without equal, after all.
SCP-682 is (afaik) the most powerful AD user in the wiki.

He can go from 9-A to 1-A+ stalmating SCP-3812 in extended canon

And go from High 1-A to 0 (a gap bigger than all the tiering system below it) as 6820-A
JRPG characters in general are pretty crazy with this, on the same week you can have:

Day 1: Kill some big rats pestering the local bakery.
Day 2: Beat up some bandits wrecking the houses in town.
Day 3: Kill big bad dragon nuking mountains.
Day 4: Defeat evil emperor general with his world destroying magic.
Day 5: Defeat evil emperor threatening the universe with his magic from evil god.
Day 6: Defeat evil god threatening the newly unveiled multiverse.
Day 7: Holiday.
That being said, there's the Grey Goo from Tasty Planet. How the frick can you go from eating microbes to eating all of space and time?!
Sparda boys have crazy RE/AD too.

Dante just barely out of his Tony phase has crazy RE feats. Gilver spawns Demon World Nexus on Dante whose energy can erode stuff and power down you to hell. It can also power up demons insanely and allowed Gilver to assume his Angelo Armour DT. Meanwhile Dante was weakened so much that he couldn't even hold his sword. But he immediately bounced back, then went on to match Gilver by chipping away at his armour and then strong enough to whack chunks off of it. This is also signified by his sword changing shape since it's a reflection/embodiment of his power.

So in short Dante went from being less than average human to be able to match someone who just amped his ass DWE and DT. Nuts!!!

There's also many instances of zenkai boosts.
Especially in DMC3, where he proceeds to go from 8C Hell Vanguard level in the evening to High4C for defeating Arkham to finally 1C Sealed Mundus level in Mission 20 at end because he scales to Vergil who could have defeated Sealed Mundus if he wasn't weakened.
His growth rate keeps getting increasingly absurd as the night goes on. And this is all before even morning arises. In 8-12 hours... Dante went from 8C to 1C.