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Post-Hinokami Kagura Mastery Tanjirou
God, he looks so badass

Pain-naruto-akatsuki o8i7uytfgvhbnm
tanjirou at his strongest against pain at his weakest
speed equalized

Battle Takes Place on konoha Village

R1:Tanjirou Bloodlusted

R2:pain bloodlusted

R3:Both in character
Pain stomps via soul rip, reviving paths, literally any deva path ability, and superior AP
I think he confused kid Nagato for pain right? If it's changed it to kid nagato then Tanjiro probably wins
Does that version even apply as "kid nagato" lol? If it does then Nagato still stomps probably
I dunno I always think of kid nagato as the one who was training with Jiraiya and this version ur referring to as Teen Nagato, but I digress.

If nagato has rinnegan powers he stomps tbh, enhanced senses and precog won't do much against deva path, human path, animal path, etc.
Wait so all he can do is summon the gedo mazo? That's still powerful tbh. Plus he has the soul ripping dragons too iirc