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Swartz try to S U C C your favorite verse.

Swartz is a pretty simple man.

Well, not really, but he sure is a power hungry bastard. So he decide to hop into a new universe to see if he can make that land his new kingdom!

This is Swartz in his base form as he run through your favourite verse. Starting off from the 'weakest' member.
Okay I know nothing about this guy but here we go.

World of Darkness: Yeah time travel is nice, too bad mages can do it and probably better.

Bloodborne: Seeing no resist to madness manip so Moon Presence stands there.

Castlevania: Type 1 abstract says no.

So can I get a more indepth explanation of him if that's okay? :)
Swartz power as a time Jacker is simple. The man have the time stop, time travel to any point in time whenever he so desire and to steal someone 'time' away.

By doing this, Swartz steal their power along with whatever 'story' they have with their power intact.
Okay, I'll have another go

Killer Instinct: Gargos with his passive corruption yeets

Darkest Dungeon: Ancestor thinks, gets trapped across space and time by the farmstead etc.

Guilty Gear: Don't think he can interact with Sol cause type 1 acasual, Sol then rewrites his everything. Axl can probably do it too.

Jojo: GER says nope