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Not open for further replies.
I wouldn't call Smash niche to be honest, because it's literally one of the most iconic crossover fighting game franchises in gaming history that made a huge impact. Besides, I believe we already had more than 3 staff comment here?

Or would you like one more just to make sure?
Well since Propellus just commented I think we should be good to go

Also, by niche, I specifically mean on VSBW. In the grand scheme of things, it's obviously incredibly popular - just not as a verse to power scale
I suppose if there's no further objections, I can get to editing the profiles to apply the new stats.
Why are we renaming all the Final Smash names to "Final Smash"? Why not differentiate the profiles a little by naming them?
No real point in doing so

Anyways, if all the changes have been applied, this thread can be closed
I could've sworn someone else already closed this, so I'll do so right now
Not open for further replies.