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I mean, Pre-Sync Legionis fought all of the Legions basically at the same time, so fighting Star Platinum shouldn't be that difficult, except for time stop, but you know Healing Items and fighting people stronger than them via pure skill and strategy are certainly gonna be useful.
The range advantage is the clincher here. Jotaro's range only applies for throwing stuff, Legionis' applies at all times. Items will help too. Time-Stop is the main problem, but Legionis can certainly tank getting beat up on a little (took hits from Enceladus and Sword Nemesis, who are also 8-C+).

Legionis wins without too much difficulty I feel.
Oh yeah, don't they become Synched right after they regain their Sword Legion? It's also totally possible that if Star Platinum does Manage to kill The Legionis that they'll Resurrect, Fuse and One-Shot him.
Well they didn't have fusion yet in the story

Probably because they didn't die yet
>but Legionis can certainly tank getting beat up on a little

I highly doubt that. Unless you think thousands of blows at the absolute minimum is a little. Star Platinum hits more than like two or three times per time stop, technically speaking he can hit within the billions if he so chooses. Even if they're a bit tanky, thousands of blows to the head ain't someting they're tanking.