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Soul king absorbed yhwach and the soul king

Prime soul king was given 4A and 5B when sealed , so yhwach was put in 5B too but shouldnt he be higher as the weakend soul king was 5B and prime was 4A as he had lost most of his powers and was sealed 5B was given cuz he could hold the world together while being just a corpse , but yhwach after being defeated was also able to do the same thing as his corpse is used as a replacement to the soul king shouldnt yhwach have a higher tier? As a lot of his powers were seen spread out through out the worlds that it took a decade until kazui got rid of the last bit of his power , and we have seen multiple stars in soul society so shouldnt sealed soul king who was holding the worlds together considered higher? or am i misunderstanding something. I am not saying soul king absorbed yhwach should is as powerfull as prime soul king but the power gap shouldnt be this huge as yhwach has the allmighty too which is what he soul king used to create the worlds if im not mistaken.
The thing is that he became 5B because he absorbed him and not a higher one because the SK was basically a husk also the A from the SK was hella stronger than the one that Yhwach has.
i have a question sealed soul king is 5B because he was able to hold the 3 worlds together right? and prime 4A for creating multiple solar systems so meaning we have multiple solar systems in bleach as of rn and the sealed soul king is holding them in place shouldnt this make him also 4A and make yhwach 4A as he was able to hold the worlds together even after he died?
Naeblis495 said:
The 5-B feat only take into account the planets and not the entire dimensions .
and that's why his Soul king absorbed key and the post-power absorption key have "at least 5-B" tiers
Even base Almighty should already have "at least" 5-B as he stated that mimihagi(who also performed the feat of holding the worlds) was much weaker than himself . he proceed to casually one shot him and absorb him .