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So Long, and Thanks For…


The Blood Goddess
Joke Battles
Content Moderator
Thread Moderator
…ah, wait, Dargoo made this joke already, didn’t he.

You don’t know how angry that made me, by the way. From the day I joined the wiki, I knew that I’d exit with a Hitchhiker’s Guide joke. Then Dargoo did it before me, clever little bastard.

Yeah, I’m leaving VSBW.

My first bits of input on this wiki were just over five years ago, back when I still had a Ben Shapiro profile picture. Hell, the first non-botted message on my wall was from SeraEX commenting on it. Funny, really.

When I was young, versus debating was cool, and fashionable. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the matches, and the profiles, and the fights. Bambu and I made a server that, to this day, remains one of the largest VSBW discord servers—a fact I largely attribute to him, and am thankful for. But if I’m to be honest, I lost just about all the passion I had for this hobby many years ago. A mix of decisions I disagreed with and a general incline in the number of scummy, irritating tactics that are tacitly allowed left me feeling more and more alienated here. The stress has grown and grown, and it's about time for me to pull out the knife and let the wound heal for good. I'm older, and I've got a long life ahead of me.

I spent my later teenage years with this place, and I can only thank it for being the bedrock that got me where I am now. I've made connections and helped cultivate communities that never would've existed if not for this site bringing us all together. Honestly, that's why I didn't resign earlier. I always thought that I'd enjoy it again, and return...that, and I wanted to collect more roles. Tee-hee.

Will I still be around and on threads? No, but I hardly was anyways.

Will I still moderate FCOC? Nominally, though I’d be resigning there too if not for the sudden burden dropped upon my shoulders.

Will I still be on Discord? Likely, but I’m not going to be tending to any VSBW-related matters, and I'll be actively distancing myself from them as time goes on. Really, this is less of a “goodbye” to any specific people, and more so a farewell to the site that has accompanied me to where I am now. There will likely be a time in the future where I vanish from the primary versus spheres entirely, though I probably won't be making a thread when that happens.

This isn’t going to solve all my problems—god knows I’ve got a lot of ‘em, especially now. But it’s a step in the right direction. Sayonara, so long, and thanks for all the threads.
The rainbow loses its colours today. 😔

Jokes aside - you've been a great moderator. I don't think there's any doubt that your work on here, and the maintenance of your Vs Central server, has contributed a great deal to our community. I doubt I would have formed many of the connections I have had in my time here if it weren't for your work. It's sad to see you go, but it sounds like it's for the best. I hope that, whatever life you lead from here, it'll be a life you can be happy with.

If it happens to be a life where I win a game of Chess against you at some point, too, that would also be nice. ;P
Take care.

I always considered you a voice of reason at clarifying various misunderstandings made when they were made. And I always considered you quite level headed and reasonable. You will be missed even if I haven't interacted with you much.

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I don't know you all that well, and we've rarely talked directly. Most of my knowledge of you comes from when I am lurking Vs Central. With that said, you seemed like a decent, reasonable person despite naming yourself Hitler, and I still remember the time you helped my friend, GojoBoyForever, when he was at a low point in his life, which is just really cool.

Take care.
Cya! Adeus, até logo, Farewell, adieu, so long, see you later, take care, goodbye, bye, cheerio, ta-ta, toodles, catch you later, hasta la vista, peace out, adios, until we meet again, farewell for now, ciao, see ya, have a good one, bye-bye, take it easy, adieu, arrivederci, so long for now, until next time, be well, farewell until next time, see you around, later gator, to the winds, to the hills, hasta luego, adiós, chao, nos vemos, hasta la vista, hasta pronto, adiós por ahora, que te vaya bien, cuídate, hasta la próxima, adiós amigo, hasta mañana, suerte, buen viaje, hasta luego, nos vemos más tarde, hasta luego, que tengas un buen día, adiós por ahora, ciao, hasta la próxima vez, que estés bien, adiós hasta luego, hasta la despedida, que tengas un buen día, hasta la próxima oportunidad, que te vaya con bien, nos vemos pronto, au revoir, adieu, à bientôt, à la prochaine, à plus tard, salut, à tout à l'heure, ciao, à la revoyure, à la prochaine fois, à la semaine prochaine, à demain, à plus, tchao, bon vent, à la prochaine occasion, à la revanche, à la suite, à la prochaine réunion, à plus tard l'ami, à la prochaine fois que l'on se voit, à la prochaine étape, à la prochaine aventure, que la vie te soit douce, à la prochaine visite, à la prochaine, à la suivante, à la prochaine réunion, à la prochaine occasion, que le meilleur soit avec toi, à la prochaine séance, à plus dans l'autobus, Auf Wiedersehen. 👋
People come and go; it's a common, cursed life cycle. No one is truly immortal. The only constant in life is change.

This is a hobby, not a business, so everyone will eventually leave at some point and move on with their life.

Although your record of having the most roles won't be forgotten.

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. Good luck with your life, and take care.
I know you've talked about this in private and I also know that we'll still talk over Discord, but neither of these things really reduce the melancholy I feel from seeing the actual message come. I'll really miss your presence here (however minimal it was).

Be safe.
Nothing is constant in this world and nothing is permanent. The truth is that everything is impermanent and a lot of us will-inevitably-leave the site as we ripen and blossom out of our youth. Experiencing the bitter coffee after the past stash of sweet stuff is thoroughly consumed without a trace. Farewell, Moritzva-with peace in mind-.
Goodbye 1.jpg
Goodbye 2.jpg
Goodbye 3.jpg

Goodbye Moritzva, and thank you massively much for helping our community so much over the years. You have been a great staff member. I hope that everything will work out as well as possible for you.



(Now who will ever finish reading that story I wrote all of those many many years ago? 😉

Just kidding. Over the years, I have come to despise most of its contents and the very negative effects it had on me.)
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You will be severly missed Mori. You werent all that active in recent time, but whenever you were, you always were the voice of reason, the one who ensured that all sides got to speak their mind, even in VSB's most needlesly incindeary moments.

May your future be quiet and succesful, may your hardships be few and manageable. Know that you are beloved by VSB.
What the **** Mori…

I really wanted you to be here for a special day🫠. But I’m glad I’m still in contact with you on Discord. The advices and help I’ve gotten from you were great. I’m probably not going to bother you about vsbw related stuff anymore but you’ll definitely see me strolling and trolling around randomly anyways.

Thank you.
Onto my part, I don't really seem to interact with you that much even though I'm in your discord server. Hope you enjoy the rest of your life that isn't related to battleboarding