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So long (again)

I don't think the community's heart can handle losing another good staff member.
Best of luck to you out there. While it's understandable why you may have a lot of regrets, keep in mind that you've also done a lot of good for this community that I can't even begin to list all the examples of you doing something that benefitted the wiki (and forum) as a whole. You're a good person at heart and you're about to enter the best stage of your life, so don't worry about this place too much.
I might've not interacted with you on the same degree as some other users in this thread bidding you farewell, but nonetheless, I want to let you know just how much you've an inspiration to me in regards to pursuing writing as a hobby - it's been the means by which I've connected with other wonderful people in this community and outside of it, and even to my inner self during my roughest times. I hope this is a feeling that I manage to get across properly, because it really, really has meant a lot (and still means a lot) to me.

you've also been an all-around friendly and curious presence to be around - a sentiment I'm sure many other people share - and while I can't deny that I'm a little sad to see you leaving, I'm glad you're making the decision (even if it's a tough one) to close this chapter of your life for the sake of your mental well-being. I hope things start to look a little brighter for you from now, and whether your future endeavors involve this community or not, I wish you good luck on them all the same.
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I had to come pay my respects. Prom, you were always a very cool and very respectable person. You've been real good to this community, and left a mark that will never leave it.

Undoubtedly you will be missed, but I know you'll do well for yourself in the future.

I'm sorry to hear that. I know it may not feel like it, but I promise things will get better. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you plan on doing next.
I joined this community eight years ago, to the day, only a bit over a week after I first edited a page on Versus Battles, and I'm stepping down and leaving today. This is completely incidental and an insane coincidence. The world is just beautiful like that, I suppose.

I became staff about a month after joining, which seems absurd to me, but it's what happened. And I've spent a long time on this wiki, as part of this community, watching so many people go. So many friends and people I respected have come and gone, one after the other. I still miss people most of you have never met. My life has also changed more than I can even begin to convey. 2015 was a rough year for me, a contender for the most miserable year of my life, and I came to VSB and FCOC on the tailend of the worst depression I've ever experienced. It helped me recover. For all the horseshit, I have never felt more part of a community and more among friends than I have here.

My pages, though they no longer stand, showed years of change and progress as I grew as a person and a writer. Not just characters, but the central ideas and themes of my stories have transformed in ways that are hard to express. It is legitimately absurd to me how this community has persisted in my life through so much. Multiple relationships, strong ones, have come and gone, but I remained here, chipping away at work and my own writing. I was driven to improve by being here, and came out of my shell, in a lot of ways, to share things I talked about with very few people. I am glad for the time I spent here.

But things have been getting hard for me, and being in this community has grown increasingly difficult and stressful. It's part of why I left VSB last year. A lot of things happened, but I will be completely honest - the shit that happened between myself and Fate in 2021 completely ****** my ability to remain in this community and I've been holding on by a thread since then. And my life continues to go and throw more shit at me regardless, so even when I started to recover from that, I had new shit to deal with. My personal life has been deeply terrible since 2020, and for the sake of my mental health, I need to get the **** out of here and move on.

I know this is going to cause problems, disrupt roleplays, and upset people. It will probably cause problems beyond what you expect. This has been the single greatest thing preventing me from leaving for the past two years, but I can't continue to neglect my own mental health like this. There are other pressures and factors that have cropped up in my life recently that leave me unwilling to stick around. It's been eight years - I was barely an adult when I joined this community, and now I'm close to thirty. I think I have better things to do now. With this said, I am genuinely, deeply sorry to leave and complicate things for you people like this.

I am not perfect. I know I've been increasingly less active and reliable, there are many things in my past judgments and decisions that I regret nowadays, and a lot of work now remains unfinished. I even started writing up a Starcross roleplay at some point, but now that's dead in the water! But I deeply care for this community and the people in it, and I've tried so very hard to make it a nice place to be. This has been such an important part of my life for eight years. It's frankly embarrassing. I care about you people probably more than you understand. Of course, many of you have never really talked to me, so I imagine none of this means anything to you. Continue not particularly caring. Regardless, leaving makes me much sadder than I can convey in words, but sometimes things are just like that. Not only do I need to leave, I want to leave.

This includes moving on, for the most part, from using this account. I may dip in now and then, and maybe I'll hop back on the server now and then in the future. But I'm gone, more or less. Whatever conversations we have after this are likely to be the last time I talk to many of you. I'm sorry.

So long, and thanks for everything.
I'm sorry I didn't see this when you left but I hope your mental health gets better and I really wish you the best in all your Future Endeavors ❤️

This community will miss you dearly.
Take care Prom.
I hope you get past through and recover from all the troubles in life that you're facing. In a better future, perhaps you may find yourself here again, with both you and this place being in a much, much better state than before.
Sorry to hear your personal life has been terrible for years. Have a great break Promestein and hope your personal life improves!