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Rabbits on the Moon ~ Sailor Moon vs Reisen Udongein Inaba

Well, pretty good thematic hehe both are "Lunar Rabbit", Manipulate Sound and light:

  • Sailor Moon can't kill the mad Rabbit (Low Godly GG) so the only option is Transmutation or kick her for K.O (lol)
  • The Mad Rabbit can't Kill Sailor Moon too due to the insane type 8 and the planetary resistance to Mind Hax so her option is punch Moon for K.O (lolx2)
The Most Boring Match of these two Characters, both realizes that he can not kill that and there is almost no way to Incap, they become friends and leave on vacation on the moon

I won't lie, I'm having a bit of doubts regarding this so-called immortality, mostly since this implies that she was never actually threatened by any of the villains.

1. How long does it take for her to come back?

2. Can't the crystal just be destroyed or something? Reminder that Reisen can attack souls and stuff.
I Doubt, Moon has definitly the AP advantage

That doesn't stop Incap through eventual brute force
Put my vote on Reisen for now via eventual KO through brute force

Moon can't do the same due to her regen preventing her from beong KOd
I'm too lazy to argue for Moon again so I'll justify why beating moon with brute force is useless:

  • Healing
  • Massive AP/Dura advantage
Moon can still Transmute and left it in moon dust

well, stay my vote for inconclusive
She has no healing in this form or regen.

She doesn't have a big enough of an advantage to prevent KO unless Reisen is baseline and SM is High 4C+
Really? She's not High 4C+ on her page, and that calc wasn't even accepted

Healing your wound is useless if you're knocked out and that's assuming it's good enough to heal Brain Trauma which is Low Mid
I do not link the calc on the page and from the comments, it seems accepted

Oh i can arg for Mid regen via Henshin but not enouh evidence so i guess you have this point
From what i know, she is comparable youkai characters who are at 2,5x 10^44 J (2,5 Foe)

Moon is easily 2,0x10^45 (20 Foe)

the gap isn't too big but a bit notable