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Quick CRT for Christmas 3

The event's done in NA for a year.

And it seems nobody brought this up:

Gods in Nasuverse (At least for Ereshkigal, the Babylonian Goddess of the Underworld) won't die as long as there are people who remember them.

So yeah, straightforward thing. I think it fits with our requirement for Immortality Type 8.

The ones affected are basically all Gods in Nasuverse (such as Tiamat, Ishtar, and of course, Ereshkigal), also potentially affecting people with Authority (like Buddha, BB, and the CCC Playable Servants in their 2-A Keys)

Also stated in the event, the sea of Abyss (whatever it was called) is described as "nothingness". Ereshkigal attempted to commit suicide there by taking a dip in it, yet she only succeeded in mutilating her appearance, despite being there for a while. I'm not sure if she resists voidhax, or purely because of her immortality. But yeah, something to note.
Ereshkigal survived the void cuz type 8. The whole point of killing Chaldea with the summer fever was to kill anyone who remembered her so she could die.

That being said, I don't think this is a completely absolute type 8 immortality. Tiamat for example is still remembered but she's also very much dead, at least until it's confirmed what the giant shape detected in the Imaginary Number Space was. I also doubt that Servant versions of gods and goddesses have this immortality.
I honestly feel like the beasts who also happen to be Gods shouldn't have the type 8 due to being a different kind of existence than a regular God.
I agree for Gods. Unsure whether this applies to all characters with Authority, such as BB, playable Servants and characters who absorbed Gods.
Servants won't have it though, because they are not the real people of the historical figure. Only actual living gods. BB is kinda weird, since she has Divine Spirit powers, yet at the same time she is not an actual Divine Spirit (you will notice the strangeness when seeing her FGO and Fate wiki profiles).

I think the immortality is not a part of having Authority, but rather the idea that gods exist base on humanity's perspective.
Hm... then I'll have to get Living keys for Gods Servants to use it in matchups then...

So it's only for Gods, which includes the two I mentioned.

But what about Arjunalter?
Ohs hit. Totally forgot about this.

It seems we agreed that Immortality 8 is fine. So we can go on editing now?
Arjuna Alter is only immortal in his own LB, hence they needed to do some time fuckery to mess up his godhood
This is supposed to be a quick CRT...

There are 5 agreeing voices for this.

And since we waited like a week, is it finally good for the revision to be carried out?
Added it for Quetz and Amaterasu, as they're the only 2 people to have versions the revision can be applied to, as far as I know.