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Question about pre crisi superman and the sword of superman

Why does superman have nigh Omnipresence with the sword of superman and how far off is he from being just universal
The sword would have made him oneone with the universe but he broke it of at the handle instead of fully absorbing it so he is only nigh omnipresent. I don't know how far he is from being universal though.
Alright atleast you answered 1 I will wait for the other I heard he tanked the Big Bang which should be universal but he is rated multi Galaxy for some reason
It's probably just because he didn't take the full Big Bang, due to expansion effects. He's the highest you can get in multi galaxy without getting the plus, and the plus means you're basically universal.
so if the expansion effect didn't take place before he got their he would be universal
Funny when I look for the upgrade for superman that in both upgrade threads it says "he took a small portion of the Big Bang which is by no means universal"
A small portion of the Big Bang is still incredibly high 3-B (no plus), and was actually calced higher than Beerus' shockwaves surprisingly.