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Proto-Arthur VS. Gilgamesh

Even if the seven seal are unlocked,its still can't overwhelmed Ea,and you input Ea in the full power,that make Proto Arthur in the deangerous state.
but I have read this, EA is capable of destroying earth right? Protocalibur does:

When over half of its Restraints are released, it shows its true power as a Divine Construct meant to save the world, capable of permanently putting down Beast VI and defeat beings capable of destroying the Earth.
We still didn't know the power of 13 seal if unlocked,but if the 13 seal are unlocked and have a very strong power based of the lore,maybe it can equal with the full power Ea.

So far IMO there is an NP that can match Ea like Vasavi Shakti,but that still mystery.
Except Ea is stated to be the pinnacle of all Noble Phantasma used by servants so Proto- Saber is likely heavily outgunned if this matchup is just "Ea vs Proto-Excalibur"

Although Repp would have to come and confirm this since I just assume proto-servants fall under the same banner when it's said to be the best used by servants