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Pokemon Victini Upgrade

Came from this thread-https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/1629722

I'll repost what I said in that thread:

"Basically, a 1000 years before the movie, in the Kingdom of the Vale, the people of the kingdom used a power called Dragon Force, which was essentially life force that flowed throughout the entire planet, to enrich their land. At one point, the 2 princes of the kingdom called forth Reshiram and Zekrom to battle each other to the point where both pokemon used up all of their strength and turned into the Dragon Stones. Their battle caused the Dragon Force to become corrupted and chaotic, ravaging the earth instead of healing it. To stop the deadly Dragon Force, the King of the kindom had Victini lend him its power to create the Pillars of Protection to control the flow of that power, and with Victinis power, he flew whats called the Sword of the Vale to a mountaintop out of the Kingdom to keep the Dragon Force stable. Furthermore, its noted in flashbacks that the Sword of the Vale shouldnt ever be removed by Victini again or else the Dragon Force will become unstable again and destroy the world.

Finally, according to the summary, Victini uses its strongest move, V-Create, to destroy the Pillars of Protection and unleash all the deadily Dragon Force into outer space.

Maybe this could be something to help Victini scale toward Reshi and Zekro?"

Now for not actually rewatching the movie, there could be more. But until then, would this be enough to make Victini at least as strong as Reshiram and Zekrom?
Lore wise it doesnt make sense for Victini to be equal to Zekrom or Reshiram.
This doesn't prove anything, though. The Dragonforce is a power harnessed by humans. Protecting humans from a collateral effect of the battle between Reshiram and Zekrom doesn't mean he is on their level.
I would normally agree right away if the Pillars of Protection weren't a thing however. Remember, Reshiram and Zekroms power when fighting made the Dragon force unstable to the point where the world would be destroyed. The pillars of protection are what not only stablizes the dragon force, but also keeps it from going chaotic ever again when in place. Even removing it causes the dragon force to go back to its destructive form again.

Victinis power is what created the pillars in the 1st place and Damon strictly needed Victini to unseal the pillars.

Also, IIRC, didnt Reshiram and Zekrom combined fail to destroy the pillars when they were in outer space? Someone correct me if im wrong.
The Dragon Force is the life energy that humans harnessed. It was getting screwed over by Reshiram and Zekrom's clash. Victini then went and stabilized it. That's not being on their level, that's nullifying one of the effects their battle had.

Victini being the only one that can destroy them just proves even further it's not an AP thing. Unless you're suggesting he is several times stronger than the combined output of Reshiram and Zekrom, which is demonstrably false.
Also, Victini was unable to destroy the forcefield that kept him bound to the castle, IIRC, and said forcefield was a byproduct of him creating the Pillars.
Im a bit confused on this one. If 5-B powers is what made the dragon force unstable to the point where the world can be destroyed, wouldn't you also need 5-B power to re-stablize it?

Thats one of the points im making though from the OP anyway. If im right, then Reshiram and Zekrom couldnt destroy the pillars even when combined. Yet Victini could once it used full power via V-Create. Not only that, but Victini at the same time also took all the evil dragon force and blasted it into space. Im not sure if its AP based, but if it wasnt, Victini wouldnt have needed to go full power to do the former when its regular strength wouldve done it. For him not leaving the forcefield, I believe that was a side effect of sealing the Sword of Vale but not too sure.

Im fine with this being wrong, im just having trouble seeing how you dont need 5-B or tier 5 power to regulate and defeat an energy that was unstablized by...well...2 5-Bs.
Because stabilizing something is not an AP-feat, it's hax. A 5-B life manipulator can restore a disease from a 3-A without needing to be 3-A.
That has been brought up several times already. He was unable to shatter the forcefield holding him at bay in the castle, and said forcefield was created by the Pillars of Protection.
I'm pretty sure though that it's major false equivalency to compare a disease (which the 3-A can easily lack resistance to from the start) to an actual energy source that can destroy a planet. In one your stablizing pure destructive energy. Another your only curing a sickness. I don't understand how both of these are related.

That said, I think I get what your trying to say overall. It'd just be better if a legitimate example of someone weaker regulating higher destructive power or something along those lines was given.