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  1. Genericstickman

    Linley Baruch vs Victini

    Low 6-B version used speed equalised Linley Baruch: Victini: Incon:
  2. Quibster

    Celebi vs Victini

    Celebi vs Victini Both are at least Low 6-B Speed is equalized Battle takes place on Birth Island Time Travel Pokemon: 0 Victory Pokemon: 0
  3. Genericstickman

    Doctor Strange fights the victory pokemon

    Doctor Strange vs Victini last ket Strange used used potato potato = I've Come to Bargin: I have nothing funny for Victini: Thunder McQueen:
  4. Dragonmasterxyz

    Victini's Greatest Challenge

    He beat ExVeemon, but can he beat someone with equal Bullshit Powers? I've wanted to do this fight for awhile....probably a mismatch...but you never know until you try. Pokemon vs Digimon The Victory Star Fairy vs The Golden Miracle Rhino -Speed Unequal -Base Rhinomon is used FIGHT...
  5. Bobsican

    ExVeemon Vs. Victini

    THis match is soo fitting it can´t be ignored. Both at 6-B, speed equalized. The Victory Pokémo The Chosen Child Votes so far: Victini: 7 (Vindictiveloser, Dragonmasterxyz, ZacharyGrossman273, Schnee One, AnonymousBlank, Phoenix812, NeoZex6399, Someone who likes to read) ExVeemon: 0...
  6. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Pokemon Victini Upgrade

    Came from this thread-https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/1629722 I'll repost what I said in that thread: "Basically, a 1000 years before the movie, in the Kingdom of the Vale, the people of the kingdom used a power called Dragon Force, which was essentially life force that flowed throughout the...
  7. The_real_cal_howard

    Cole MacGrath vs Victini

    Evil Cole vs Victini Speed equalized A murderer versus a rabbit.
  8. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    About Victini...

    Exactly why was the likely far higher reasoning removed ? It is something supported by the movie and pokedex entries.
  9. The_real_cal_howard

    Victini vs Robloxian

    I dunno. Just felt like it. Speed equal and starts at maximum distance apart.