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To start off the AP revisions for Naruto, I'll be starting with Part 1 of the series.

Land Of Waves to Forest Of Death we need to decide which calc for Sasuke's Fireball jutsu will be used. This one that uses Vaporization or this one that uses Pulverization. Whichever end is accepted for this calc will determine the rating for these KEys.

Chunin Exams we have this feat that was done by KN0 Naruto, which gives us Low 7-C which would be an upgrade. Now an issue I see is that this version of Naruto also fought Haku in the very first arc of the series. I believe its fine to scale Haku to KN0 Naruto for his Durability since he was able to take a few punches, but his AP will most likely depend on the Sasuke Fireball feat.

We should discuss characters that would scale to KN0 Naruto. I'd also like to discuss the keys we should use and Narutos base stat.

Sasuke Retreival Choji and the Sound Four previously scaled to Jirobo's Slamming Palm feat, but that has been recaled and Downgraded to High 8-C. We will also have to determine what they will scale to as well. I believe they would just scale to KN0 Naruto, but that will also be discussed in this thread as well.

Now we also have Gaara's end of Part 1 feat. This feat stays in the same tier, it goes goes from 46 Kilotons to 14 Kilotons.
The first feat is a fireball that left a smoking crater and has been described from databooks as vaporisation saying otherwise is just wrong. On top of that we see vapour as well. Thus the original calc is fine. As for the other scaling I am fine with the S4 scaling to KN0 Naruto and then using the 10 times multiplier to backscale lower forms and other characters. Gaara's feat is a slight downgrade. Not a problem.
I've contacted Dargoo Faust to let him know about the thread since he was the one who originally raised issues with using vaporization for the calc.
I agree with vaporization for fire ball Jutsu. Most of the time all the fire style jutsus literally show signs of vaporization
Here is Dargoo's original comment for reference. I think he mades some good points. I think that the input from some more staff and/or calc group members would be useful.

> The vaporization assumption is extremely shoddy. The ground was clearly made of dirt, and the particles coming out of the crater could easily and more probably be debris/pulverized dirt kicked up from the impact, or, even if the ground was hit with a fire, actually be smoke from the ground burning, as dirt has enough biological material in certain areas to burn at high temperatures and release smoke. Considering we're aware that it gives off enough heat to vaporize a human being, this is very plausible.

> It's also clear that the fire had a physical impact on the ground - this more extensive scan linked below shows it shattering the ground as it hits it, making pulverization an even bigger possibility. An impact on the ground hard enough to move large, defined chunks would surely kick up a large amount of dust.

> I understand that databooks say this attack "vaporizes the target", although this doesn't really prove much in the context of the feat - as it only proves that there is enough heat enegy in this attack to say, vaporize a human. However considering this isn't just simply a heat based attack and acted more as an explosion, we can't really say if vaporized this crater, unless we have more reliable statements in regards to this feat, specifically.
I disagree with Sasuki-kun's Fire Release not being vaporization. Seemingly speaking, it pretty clear overall that what it comes from the crater it's steam. That said:

Damage3245 said:
> I understand that databooks say this attack "vaporizes the target", although this doesn't really prove much in the context of the feat - as it only proves that there is enough heat enegy in this attack to say, vaporize a human.
This two points are wrong as far as I'm aware. The Databook doesn't states that the technique vaporizes the target, it says that it vaporizes everything. And actually, seeing how the DB reefers to this technique as one that engulfs the target in flame leaving a crater, this is pretty much an explanation of Sasuki's usage of the jutsu on Kakashi in early part I.

Fire Release: Grand Fireball Technique (Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu)

Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Close-range User: Uchiha Sasuke The massive flame engulfs and vaporizes everything!!

A jutsu where the chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and expelled forward in a massive orb of roaring flame. The scope of the attack is altered by controlling the volume of chakra that is mustered. The blazes, released with a thunderous roar will engulf their target, and leave a crater on the ground's surface. That's how terrifying they are…!!

The seals to activate it are Horse and Tiger. Sasuke already has the skill to handle that advanced technique.
Btw. Why isn't the RasenDori feat from the valley of the end used here? I saw calcs putting it at town lvl, or even large town lvl.
Naruto and Sasuke should be the strongest out of all the kids in part 1 in their final forms.

Jonin and special Jonin from part 1 should just scale above them.

It's consistent because Neji also scales before Sasuke retrieval which would make sound 4 consistent.

In a way everyone doesn't really scale to KN0 Naruto which is more reasonable

Excluding Rock Lee with gates who I feel should definitely scale. He needs more discussion
Yea Naruto hadn't gone through any significant training or got any power up between the arcs that I can remember
So for the AP change with the new KN0 calc, Neji will scale to Low 7-C for being able to fight Naruto and those that scale to him will also get that AP as well.
Makes sense since Neji was portrayed above all the Genin and even required a few Jonin to restrain.
Wrath Of Itachi said:
And since this would scale to the S4, we can use the 10x CM multiplier to get their tier.
And KN1 naruto and CS2 Sasuke would scale above that right?
Not 46 kilotons, it's 46 tons for the first feat in Alex's blog
This one

Also Gaara doesn't have any 46 kiloton feat linked on his profile last I checked, I found a 136 kiloton one and a 8-A one.