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Another Robin matches here, and this time i'm going to put her against the Constructicons from Transformers, as part of my emerge to the Transformers matches (mostly IDW and Devastation tho the other timelines are likely going to be in my list as well)

Nothing much to say here, let's get to the battle!

● ------------------------------------- ●
Discovered an giant vehicles that aren't from this world, Robin decided to studied the 6 constructor vehicles, turn out that these vehicles are alive....and right now watched her
One of the vehicle decided to attack Robin by ramming towards her, luckily enough she's dodged it in time, soon she saw that the vehicle transformed into a robot, followed by the others as well, now realize that she's been surrounded! The Flower Archeologist then ready on her stance to defend herself

A puny human tried to challenge the mighty team of Constructicons, alone? Sound absurb for them, however they soon realize that she's not a mere normal human, lead them to combine, much to Robin surprised
What's the outcome of this fight!? Let's find out!

  • Onigashima Raid Robin is used
  • Speed are equalized
  • Both are in-characters
  • Place located in: Kiruna Mine Site
  • images
  • Starting Range: 100 Meters
  • Win via anything!!
  • The Flower's Archeologist: 7 (Myself, Emirp, Midas, Four, Rorona, Pokemon, Magico)
  • The Great Constructor Destroyer: 0
  • Inconclusive: 0


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I Don't think snap Bones is gonna works here, devastation is robot and really really big robot, Plus he dont have Bones.
Wait how does her powers work again? Does she just put hands inside of people, and is that her opening move? Could I see a scene of where she does this.
Wait how does her powers work again? Does she just put hands inside of people, and is that her opening move? Could I see a scene of where she does this.
In character, Robin will start pretty much any battle by just spawning limbs on top of someone, before attempting to break their limbs or put them in a submission hold.

Devastators Large Size won't stop her either, as Nico Robin can summon massive limbs to grapple larger targets, and has shown to be capable of grappling people as large as Oars, even pre-timeskip. On top of having a significant lifting strength advantage (Class M vs Class T + Several Lifting Strength Amps)
If Robin's got a massive LS advantage, I think I'd have to give it to her unless Devastator has some hax that will help him break her hold.
Then Robin could just spawn limbs on each individual piece, could she not?

It's entirely in character and within her capabilities to use her limbs to restrain or break multiple things at once.
Yeah i'm not saying it would gave Robin an massive disadvantage here
Snapping Devastator aren't likely work because the HEAAAAD SWIVEEEEE-