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  • Happy Birthday from random user here! 🎂🎂🎂

    Just checked birthday list and saw yours so figured I should wish you happy birthday because why not!
    I read some of the recent Neptunia threads lately, since I started getting back to work on the massive CRT for the verse just a while back, and I'd like to ask if you'd be interested in helping me and two others in finally getting everyone's pages up-to-date and usable?
    We're mainly on a Discord group nowadays instead of the Neptunia discussion threads, though we can start posting some stuff on what we're doing there if it's more convenient for you.

    So, just to repeat the question - are you interested per chance?
    I'll think it over. Primarily because I'm a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to balance my life and my time on the internet. Currently in my real life I am in the midst of preparing to move across the country (the United States for reference, I live in New England and plan to move somewhere in Washington state), so as a result, my time on the internet is rather limited. However, if you are in need of someone to help with these revisions, I am more than happy to try and lend a hand.

    Albeit, your group has likely already ticked most of the boxes and I'd just be a bit redundant (and also going in a bit hesitant since I'm not exactly the greatest VSB analysist), but regardless, I'm here if you ever need some extra support.

    So, consider me interested but not exactly fully in agreement given my current personal life situation.
    Alright, no worries.

    In that case then, would you like to enter our Discord group so that you can keep up on what we're finding and thinking? We're not always talking about revisions 24/7 either, so you can chill out there as well if you'd like.

    To get back more on topic though, extra heads like yours that are able to give their views on stuff we find/debate will always help when it becomes time to present them in the real revision - so you'd never be redundant.

    It's your call though, do let me know what you think.
    Yeah, I'm on board with joining the Discord. I'm sorry if my activity is a bit sparce and sporadic, though, since I've explained my current situation.


    Here's my discord tag for you to send me the invite link.
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