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Stay Night's Caster vs Apocrypha's Assassin-but-actually-is-a-caster of Red

Battle of the magus that tread into the realm of True Magic.

Medea starts in Ryuudou Temple and with Assassi summoned, while Semiramis starts 4 Km away from there and within the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Shirou Hater: 0

Shirou Lover: 2 (Blank, Schnee, Excalibur)

Inconclusive: 1 (Milly)

Assassin of Red (Semiramis)
actually since Semiramis is inside her gandens she would start by summoning her dragon-tooth skeleton army and shoot lasers

meanwhile Medea would start with magic spam, while Sesaki guards the entrance point to her territory
they both have magic that threds in to the realm of True Magic and both have magecraft from the Age of God, so they should be mostly equal in sheer power
Much as I'd prefer to give Medea the win, Semi should dominate tbh. While making more Dragon Tooth Warriors would normally let her overwhelm Medea, those suckers have to get through Kojiro which is impossible even with their numbers so they are useless. What nets her the win is that she spams EX rank beams compared to A rank so carpet bombing Ryudou Temple into nothing won't have any problems. I don't think her poison is usable outside her throne room (not nearly to the same effectiveness at least) and giant poison monsters being able to get outside will most certainly screw Kojiro even if he mows through them.
Does Medea have any wincon? She can't break Serarmis's barriers and if she tries to get close to use rule breaker she gets poisoned and have to deal with Basum.
I mean

Said barriers are not passive and one hit will kill Semi due to her Dura

I think Semi has a better chance overall though, Semiramis FRA
Semmiramis still have the fish scales which was able to block a attack from Achilles.

Also voting Sermi fra if its not a stomp
Semi is sitting in a big ass fortress Medea can't get into tbh which has guys like Karna spamming his NPs on it and still remaining in the air without any barriers to block them.
I was referring to how the Gardens could survive Karna spam on it and keep going just fine, not that she had them for help. You could be high and drunk and still have enough self control not to make that stomp lol.
So... Medea has spatial freeze. Assuming she gets to the throne room, which she can via teleport, problem being she has to find it first, she could likely just freeze and Rule Breaker. Thoughts?