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Okay, so Mako was apparently able to seriously injure a guy who can handle a fall that would seriously dent cars (which would probably require terminal velocity, or 53 m/s, so somewhere around 87 kJ?) while a T-Rex is most famously known for fighting against a Triceratops (which can do 133.8 kJ) and has eaten Triceratops according to fossil evidence and would've probably casually crushed a car under its own feet by walking because of its weight of 14 tonnes (pressure is a thing, ya know!).

I'd say the two are roughly even in AP, but unless we can get a better understanding on Mako's scissors feat, I'd say the T-Rex wins this round if it can pin Mako down due to its lifting strength of Class 10. Though if it couldn't, Mako likely still has a fighting chance...

Pretty much don't let Mako get pinned by a T. Rex is what I'm saying.
I checked the T. Rex's profile, it looks like the Class 10 rating is only for its neck muscles.