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Nothing really. Are you saying this is a stomp? Care Bears don't have a lot of survivability, so Luffy hitting him really hard would do the trick.
I meant how likely is Grumpy opening with hax. Luffy doesn't resist any of that and I don't think he'd beat him before he can pull off hax if it's in-character.
Oh, a good majority of them, Grumpy included, start with the Care Bear Stare. It's a beam about the size of a human which is what does the haxxing.
I meant to put this on all the Bears' profiles, but I still haven't. It's on Tenderheart's.

Standard Tactics: As it is the goal of all members of the Care Bear Family to keep the world a caring place, they will try to avoid causing any degree of violence or pain at all costs. The go-to method of virtually every Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin is to use the Care Bear Stare. The effect the Stare has on its target(s) is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes it will make the target happier and more friendly, thus unwilling to fight. Other times, the Stare will nullify effects such as corruption and mind manipulation, or it will shut down any of the target's supernatural abilities.

Generally, it is safe to assume the following: If the target is evil by nature, Power Nullification is the most likely effect. If he/she is good-natured but are simply angry or fighting because they feel they must, Empathic Manipulation is the most likely effect. If the opponent is fighting because they are being forced to against their will, such as via Corruption, the Stare will nullify whatever effect is controlling them.
They make the opponent lose the will to fight. Which is essentially what SBA does.

Grumpy via hax.
if this isn't a stomp then yeah, Grumpy Bear FRA. The only care bear I remember, too.