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Both at 9-B
Ayanokoji is 12.2 kilojoules.
Angie is 37.6 kilojoules.
Surpresed kiyotaka is being used
Speed equal
Kiyotaka don't have any optimal equipament
They start for 1km away
Angie have 30 tennis Ball

Atua believer: fezzih, Shyster, Kisaragi_Megumi, Peppersalt43,koopa3144, GarrixianXD, Spilxson2, noninho

Kiyopon:DeltaStriker220, SatellaTheWoE, XxZetsuxX, Doggo, RoggerReggor, V999
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Like, 15 Balls.
Ok... From what I'm seeing Angie has no martial arts and ayano has analytical prediction so once the fight becomes close quarters Ayanokoji will easily demolish her.

And dodging 15 balls with extraordinary genius inteligence, analytical prediction and info analysis shouldn't be too hard.

How big is the AP gap and how does her light manipulation work?
Now that i think about, this is a stomp...
Angie Ap should be 37619 J and her light Manipulation is just glowing for a couple of seconds...

Damn, i not sure how to make Fair.
Angie has the AP advantage by a lot.

The best chance she has is letting Ayanokoji get close, using light manipulation to blind him for a second and one shot him by hitting a vital point.

This could happen since neither have prep time or knowledge about the other's abilities, even with info analysis and analytical prediction ayanokoji wouldn't be able to predict an ability like this. Plus, while he's blinded he can't use analytical prediction making the chances of him getting hit possible.
Ok i changed It.

Okay, so Angie can cause more demage from afar, but If Kiyotaka comes closes, she loses due to martial arts.
Physical ones too, because of the last statement on her AP section.
Ok. So, I don't think the ranged attacks would be of use to her at all since predicting the trajectory of a few tennis balls won't be too hard for someone who outsmarted a supercomputer. Her best bet would be using the light manipulation skill cleverly and landing a good hit in.
Ok, so she can use her light to blind Kiyo, and smack him with superior strenght.
Well, she can also probally just attack with tennis Ball from up close.
Ok, so what's more likely, her winning by spamming tennis Balls on Kiyotaka, or Kiyotaka came up close to attack using martial arts or any other of his ability?
Well, Angie is a person that he never faced before, that use a unique fighting style, so he could get caught by surprise and lose this.

But If you say so, i gonna this as a vote
Another thing that could give him an advantage is how similar his enhansed senses are to Manabu Horikita, who blocked an attack while he was blinded by snow.

Ayanokoji has never shown a feat like that but his enhansed senses are the best in the series, so there is a possibility he could pull off something similar.
The problem is, because of the AP disvantage If he try to defend, he gonna take demage anyway.
The problem is, because of the AP disvantage If he try to defend, he gonna take demage anyway.
Ayano can sense the power level of his opponents to some degree. Like that time he let albert land a hit on him to see exactly how strong he was, he knew that albert was weaker than him and one hit wouldn't do any serious damage.

On the other hand he tried to do the same thing against Shiba but dodged at the last second when his instincts kicked in and he realised that if he took that hit it would have messed him up.
I know that, i just saying if he try to do like Elder Horikita here, and block the attack because he couldn't see It, he gonna take demage.
Probally 💀

Anyway, to keep this ballance i gonna vote for Angie. I can she winning this by spamming tennis Ball from more or less close range, and she can also blind Kiyo for a couple of seconds to do so.