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I feel like this battle just shouldn't work, but I haven't thought of any reason why it's not a stomp, so here goes: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR DEATHNOTE AND BREAKING BAD. READER DISCRESSION ADVISED

Light Yagami has just taken the role of L, but in light of the new highly skilled detectives that are now on the case, Light decides to draw suspicions away from himself even further by helping out with an international case so as to make sure the L mantle stays on the job. There has been talk of an extremely talented methamphetamine manufacturer who works under the alias of Heisenberg. It is known that their signature 99% pure blue meth was initially sold exclusively in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico of the United States of America, but has since shown much less traction there and has instead expanded internationally such that it has been found all over southern North America. Once Light finds this Heisenberg character and has him/her arrested, he intends to kill him/her along with every one of his/her associates one by one. (note that this is by no means Light's only win condition)

Walter White has heard through both Jesse and his son rumors about somebody named KIRA who has been killing major criminals worldwide via heart attacks. Recently a video of one of these criminals, a man named Lind L. Taylor, surfaced along with the surrounding information of an anonymous detective both proving KIRA's existence as well as displaying that they live in the Kanto region of Japan. Since then, there have been hundreds, if not thousands of inmates who have suddenly died of heart attacks. Despite the low odds of being one of KIRA's victims, Walt decides to investigate, and if possible, remove this new player from the board entirely.

-Fight takes place over the course of one year

-Losing condition is death

-Both characters should maintain appearances in their respective settings while investigating the other

-Outside help IS allowed, provided they can reasonably acquire it

-Mid-season 4 Walt is used such that Gus and Mike are alive, but Walt is working largely against his will. He can, however arrange meetings with Gus with leverage. Jesse is working with Mike at this point in time

-Timeframe for Light is roughly just after he killed L and took on the L mantle. Light has knowledge of Near's existence

-both have limited prior knowledge of each other:

—Walt starts with the knowledge that KIRA can kill without being physically present, could kill Lind L. Taylor, but not L, and at some point lived in the Kanto region of Japan as per the publicly broadcasted announcement

—Since L has access to the DEA's files on Heisenberg for the sake of the case, Light knows that there is near chemically identical blue crystal meth found all around the American Southwest and some of northern mexico and that the first known traces of it were found in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He also knows that Heisenberg is likely a pseudonym for whatever person/people are manufacturing the meth

-Speed equalized I guess cuz why not

-Both act in-character

Who wins, and why? (and if you feel like it, just for fun, how?)

God Complex: 2

Iron Chef: 0

Incon: 0
lol. I'm actually really interested in how this plays out. In my head I've thought of a good few scenarios where Walt wins, where Light wins, and where it gets drawn out a year (a year is a totally arbitrary number btw. By a year, I really mean that they wouldn't reasonably do it by the time either of them actually dies in canon essentially, however the events of this battle could also make one or both of them not die in-verse)
I think this is a pretty interesting battle. I guess its depends on their connection. I think Kira would take this because he could work with L and other FBI team to figuring out who would Heisenberg would be. But If Walter got the death note in his hand it also could turn the table because he have more various way to using the deathnote.
Oh I thought I made the time frame clearer than I did oops. This should take place roughly just after L dies
guess there's not much overlap between breaking bad fans and deathnote fans, huh? also, bump
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