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Kamen Rider Kuuga (Super Ultimate Rising) VS Another World Rider (As pictured, starting from left to right)

SBA Roules

Who will Kuuga stop at?

Kamen Rider Kuuga Super Rising Ultimate by villianblackwing ...

Kamen Rider Agito the Movie: Project G4 - TV-Nihon
Kamen Rider Fuma Render by SPIDEYDONBROSREVICE on DeviantArt
Climax Fighers: Kamen Rider Dark Ghost by readingismagic on ...
Kamen Rider Rey by skinnydude911 on DeviantArt
Kamen rider zi-o ep 45 preview kamen rider eternal return - YouTube
Kamen Rider Yuuki Hijack Form Render by Decade1945 on DeviantArt
New Rider Joins Kamen Rider Build- Introducing Kamen Rider Evol! -  Tokunation
Was Dark Ghost a...well, ghost at the time? Also, do any of them have profiles other than Evolt?

Also peak Eternal godstomp Kuuga, even A.R. Kuuga.


VS Battles
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Brah, we don't have profile for most of these guys and Super Ultimate Rising isn't a thing 😭
Its an Sic thing I think