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JoJo Part One and Two speed


VS Battles
Content Moderator
The speed ratings of the characters from Part One and Two don't match so that needs to be adjusted. Part One characters are rated as Hypersonic+ while characters from Part Two many of which scale from Part One are rated as Hypersonic.
We would still have to decide which speed rating should be applied to both Parts.
Hypersonic+ actually, Zeppeli could react to things as fast as an explosion (Jonathan himself later reacts to an explosion and debris launched by it, while half dead no less so it fits), which iirc, the most commonly used explosive back then had a detonation velocity of like mach 22. So bordering but not quite on High Hypersonic.

Also there's this calc, the hypersonic+ end got accepted I think.

Basically, if you're at least as fast as Will, you hit hypersonic+ via explosions and that.
Okay, if nothing is wrong with the calculation, then everyone can be changed from Hypersonic to Hypersonic+
We already treat several characters as Hypersonic+ from the faster than an explosion things. It's already accepted, It's just that half the profiles simply werent updated.

(Also looking at Joseph's one ripper eye dodge in early part 2, they could probably hit High Hypersonic+ actually, Joseph bends over at a 90 degree angle to limbo under the beams, despite the beams being like an inch away from his face by the time he began dodging, that should be calc'd.)
Could I update the profiles then or do I need more input?
The hypersonic+ shit has long been accepted, just put Hypersonic+ (Comparable to Will Anthonio Zeppeli) and for the characters faster than him, just say At least Hypersonic+ (Faster than Will Anthonio Zeppeli). (Tarkus has an at least hypersonic+ for blitzing will, so Dio and Post Overdrive Jonathan would be at least as well, but only them, the rest are only comparable).

For part 2, well Joseph and Straizo are directly comparable to Will given Straizo, Will and Dire were all supposed to be about equal with each other. So Joseph, Straizo and Caesar would be equal with Will.
I've applied the changes. I couldn't edit the Jorge Joestar profiles of Dio and Kars though.