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J. Jonah Jameson VS Alfred Pennyworth

I was meaning to make an Alfred page. He certainly does scale though. He has taking torment and beatings from batmans enemies, and damaged them before.

But considering their athletic level. Alfred majorly outskills to be straight. Man spears with batman, Robin, and nightwing on a normal basis. JJJ ain't got nothing on that
Yeah, Alfred has so much going for him here. J.J. doesn't have a lot of options. Alfred certainly has a lead with minor healing.
Buttersamuri said:
I was meaning to make an Alfred page. He certainly does scale though. He has taking torment and beatings from batmans enemies, and damaged them before.
I've never seen him damage them. Also, usually they keep Alfred as a hostage, which makes him useless if he dies.

You could make a page for Injustice Alfred, who gets superpowers and beats the shit out of Superman
He while disguised as two faced took torment from Killer croc.

He tackled and held down one of them before. He even knocked out someone who fought with Batman as just so happening to find him on the streets
Also, those feats sound pretty inconsistent considering that he usually ******* dies in the situations you describe

until he didn't actually die because comics
No he doesn't. Heck, name one instance where he actually shows something like that. Alfred has always been displayed as kicking rear of he needs to. Knocking out Prometheus, Knocking our (I think his name is Mist), smacking desthstroke, soaring with the bat family. Ect
4 instances. Which mind you as well he survives beatings ant torment, which only furthers my point. Him being weaker by a degree doesn't mean he isn't within the same tier. He definitely is.

And my instances also outweigh yours by being far more consistent.
My four instances literally came from a google image search. He's probably died way more times.

Also, you only have four instances as well (not counting the time he knocked out a criminal Batman had already weakened)
@BS (don't take that as an insult, it's just your initials) could you provide pictures so we know if it's not canon
In terms of combat, I still think Alfred will have a solid Advantage in martial arts than J.J.

Alfred FRA
He didn't knock out someone Batman weakned. Most has fought with Batman earlier in the comic, but this was like a bit afterwards. An entirely new day. Alfred just recognized him and took him out
Also that last instance with the joker. He actually showed to scale cause they fought together. Joker being stronger doesn't mean Alfred isn't scalable

I don't mind the varied tier really, that's just my thoughts
I said Alfred is limited to Tier 9 equipment, but he can still overwhelm JJ considering how much of it he has