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The Ex Champion of Rocky vs The... boxer from punch out (probably better than Mac considering Mac majorly out skills the Rocky verse).

I'll swap to a different boxer from the verse if needed, but I think this could work. Maybe. We shall see.

So. Speed is equal

That's all. Who wins this fight

Ivan Drago: 1

Glass Joe:

I don't remember much of Rocky but I feel like Glass Joe isn't gonna be as skilled as Drago. You could arguably say he's comparable to Mac but...I mean, I dunno, really. Drago was really good in his own verse
Drago was really good. Albiet, he is limited here as not he has to go for gut punches, as Joes Chin is poleotected by something that blocks blows entirely from someone stronger than Ivan. Ivan definitely is more skilled. Albeit, Joe made it to the championship matches, even if he losses to them, that's still says something about him. a time I bring up he actually can win a fight in canon though I get my head ripped off
Says something about him but I think that Drago was in a similar field. Wasn't he declared the best boxer in the world? I forget. He has a stamina advantage and arguably skilled and Drago is absolutely ******* ruthless
Stamina I agree. 12 rounds > 3 rounds

And he is a world champion yes. So they would be in the same bracket area. Kind why I see Joe having the advantage though. His helmet really limits Ivan while also being stronger and tougher But rocky beat him. GG
Well rocky is the MC so obviously-

hmm...this is tough but I do think Ivan takes it due to his sheer ruthlessness and the fact that he, more or less, is more skilled and has more stamina than Joe. Joe being a bit cocky in his attacks and more telegraphed doesn't help much
Well. I do argue since they would be similar there, Ivan is going to have too much trouble with the hole helmet blocking off the head which he isn't getting off or through, and punishment Joe can take a give off. More durable than he is stronger, and stronger than Ivan.
Yeah but he's not that much more powerful, I wouldn't think? Ivan's skill I think could probably get over that? Presumably. A good fighter could normally take care of someone stronger than them (it's what Rocky did)
Not much, but he certainly is a good bit more durable. And safe in the head area. Ivan isn't doing damage there. And he only did so much damage to rocky cause rocky is not a dodger. He just takes and punches and gives them. Joe blocks, counters, and dodges. And doesn't have to worry about his head much at all.
Yeah but there are other places to hit besides the head. And I think saying that he's never going to get the headgear off is a bit of an understatement, yeah? Can't little Mac do that? Ivan isn't that much weaker, the difference not even being 2X
He could not do the main part of the fight no. Mac had to use A Star punch to even do damage m to his head and multiple Star Punches to actually knock it off. Which Star punches are notably notably stronger than normal ones for obvious reasons. Which takes out really big option in beating him in his fight
The thing is I'm incredibly iffy on who wins here. Glass Joe is by all means a pushover, and if he didn't have his headgear in he'd be floored quickly. Sure, he's a champion boxer but...it's clear he's not that good. I'd argue Ivan is far more skilled in comparison. Glass Joe's head might be protected but his head not so much, and I think Joe's attack are a bit too telegraphed and he comes off as a bit too cocky? Something that Ivan is gonna capitalize on.
The telegraph part can be partly argued game mechanics. In his Original fight sure, but by the championship, he gets a lot less predictable. Mixing up his movements, adding fake outs, even fixing his Viva la France a bit by faking out a few times. Also keeping his chest blocked most of the time since he doesn't worry much about head shots due to his head gear

I do agree Ivan is more skilled. But I wouldn't say Joe is not good. He actually can canonically beat Mac after the championship. Also not a game mechanic before that's brought up, as this game is effected by losses. They are acknowledged through the entire game. Joe permanent has the win on his record whenever you fight him again and Mac permanently has the loss. If you rematch him, Mac still has the loss. This further backed up by Doc acknowledging them too, and even having a training center to fight them if needing a rematch. While I'm definitely not saying Joe is more skilled than Mac, him standing in the ring with Mac after he won the championship says a lot. Add in he is a bit stronger and definitely a good amount more durable, while also naturally guarding his chest area (as that's where he tends to hold them like most boxers), i would say he would be able to handle the skill more times than he couldn't.
I don't see how he's more durable than he is strong personally, and I don't think that it's going to be a terrible mix up for Ivan. Hes like basically the best fighter in the world, Joe is barely comparable to Mac imo and he's got the higher stamina I believe but I dunno I could be wrong either way it should be considerably impressive. The point is, Joe has lost 99 fights, meaning that no matter what...he's just not good. Ivan never lost a single fight besides to Rocky I believe. Apollo Creed I think fought in a similar way to joe and Ivan trounced him. I honestly can't see this being too different, even with that extra defense but nothing stops him from just maneuvering around or anything.

Also before you say anything, yes, the same argument could be made for Joe, but I think Ivan would be a far more maneuverable boxer either way, or at least work better with what he's given since he certainly has the skill.
Taking 3 Star punches from Mac and still left standing, which 3 star punches are notably stronger than 1 Star, and one star are notably stronger than regular hits. Unless you think Glass Jos physically strength scales to a 3 star punch, he is tougher than he is strong. He is a stone wall. Joe lost those in his past but got better, we aren't just looking at his past but his now skills to. The fact he is in the championship by the end game says he would have improved immensely.
Yes he probably improved but I don't think we can take that extremely far. At some point it becomes wanking imo. Ivan went to his own verse's championship as well
Because? This is fiction, it's possible for a character to get a really good skill jump. The fact that there is several mint shapes of training for Mac before he even fights Joe again does suggest a long period of time passing. It's not like he didn't have time to train.

And I'm no denying Ivan's skill. I know this.
Okay, cool. I think Ivan takes it due to a pretty good skill advantage, a more ruthless approach to boxing and far less likely to mess around, quite a lot of good experience, and trouncing people who should be comparable to Glass at least somewhat. The only problem might be he's more durable but Ivan is a ******* wall, I'm sure he can handle it
Only a slight bit stronger (I wouldn't call him equal to LM in terms of strength and I'd say he downscales), but he is quite a bit more durable which would be a problem. Protecting his head is sorta iffy. It protects a majority of it but his face is still showing and I don't thing Drago would shy away from punching him in the face.
The headgear isn't iffy, it's in a way where Mac punching him in the face does nothing. So if he chooses to Punch Joe in the face, that's worsening his case
Punching him in the face doesn't do anything? Sure that ain't game mechanics? You can still clearly see his face, after all. Wouldn't be a stretch to say he could punch it
No it is no. Doc even acknowledges it in between rounds. The only way to actually do damage is with enough power, via the star punch.

Unrelated but Doc needs a Page
I mean even then acknowledgement from a game character could still be game mechanics. There is very clearly a hole you can reach in to punch his face. I find that a bit iffy.

I still do thing Ivan takes this though
That's just pushing it. The fact that Mac can't do it, plus a character acknowledging that he can't, it's not a game mechanic. Doc isn't like that either. He isn't one of those break the fourth wall or game mechanic persons. He talks Mac and coach's him. That just him coaching Mac. Ivan's fists are also bigger than Macs, and if Macs isn't supposed to be able to tag his face, neither should Ivans
Eh I guess. I still think more stamina and more skill are gonna be the downfall of this mans Jow right here. I don't think he has anything Ivan can't overcome with his skill advantage and his stamina advantage because even outlasting Joe seems pretty viable. He can go more rounds than him, after all.
Stamina won't have a huge effect. Joe is able to take immense beatings across multiple rounds and still be left standing from people stronger than him. Now he faces someone weaker than him who doesn't even have an answer to his headgear, and would probably try a few strikes there. Ivan has more stamina, but will doing less damage and using more stamina than Joe will be.
Also uh...should Punch Out have higher speed? Outrunning a bullet train sounds pretty good. That's like, 88 m/s
Jackythejack said:
Also uh...should Punch Out have higher speed? Outrunning a bullet train sounds pretty good. That's like, 88 m/s
Punch out is Subsonic. So that's already where they land
That's odd. Probably someone forgetting to fix that. Sandman was small building for a while cause nobody updated the debuff after I happened. Usually happens to this verse. It's an easy fix