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Mark 6 Iron Ma vs Rise of Villains Bakugo

Tony AP: 2.39 tons

Katsuki AP: 3.19 tons

Both High 8-C. Starting 5 meters apart. Speed equalized.

Fight to KO or Incapacitate.

Billionaire: 7 (Zark2099, Jackythejack, Oblivion of the endless, Sir Ovens, Ionliosite, I'm Blue daba dee daba die, Edwardtruong2006)

Boom: 1 (Insert creative name here 12)

Iron Man has far greater mobility with Flight, JARVIS' Targetting and Homing Attacks in general make him essentially unavoidable, and he is quite skilled considering he cleared terrorist camps alone.

Also yeah lowkey cheap using Mk. 3 vs. Rise of the Villains. It doesn't change things in the long run, but yeah otherwise, cheapish implications to say the least, especially when not even using Mk. 5
No? .71 tons is like almost three times baseline 8-C. Also I thought three gigawatts was that amount.

Or did I read the profile wrong
Changed the MK, it was the same as the first match they had, hence why it was mk3.

Clearing a terrorist camp filled with people that can't hurt him and that he one shots isn't exactly a skill feat against someone that can actually harm him, has trained for combat again super powered beings for months, and has far more abilities and fighting skill than a common goon with a gun.

Bakugo with psuedo flight and range spam can reach Iron Man even if he's flying, and he can blow any homing attacks away with his rapid fire AP shot. IM is far from untouchable.
Tony has AP and still pretty good mobility I'd assume and homing attacks are still gonna be a bitch no matter what
Compared to a literal mechanical armor, I find it hard to believe... minor, frivolous advantages at best.

Mk. 5 was the Iron Man 2 one, right? Yeah Tony clears a base full of Hammer drones in that film without any major AI upgrade and still absolutely wrecks Whiplash, a guy training for years to kill his opponent, once he gets his armor. Even without it, the terrorists can hurt him, he wiped them out in seconds, and can outmaneuver Air Force Pilots too.

Pseudo Flight<<<<<< Flight, Iron Man's rangespam is better and more precise, and the homing attacks are like, literal bullets. Bakugou can't touch them unless he was literally anticipating them.

This is literally the previous matchup

Also what feat was the 8 gigawatts one? I think Mk. 5 lightly upscales from it.

Voting Man of Steel owo
Tony got absolutely slapped by whiplash in their first fight until he toughed through the shocks to beat his human body up. Later in the film, when it's a superior MK, he gets stomped on again by whiplash even with war machines help. Just cause whiplash was training to kill Tony doesn't mean it's a skill feat for barely beating him, especially since Whiplash didn't even want to particularly kill him at that point in time, just show the world he's not invincible and can be beaten.

Bakugo literally obliterated dozens of villains way back in the first arc of the series, number of opponents doesn't matter. Against whiplash, he literally got tossed around like a child. Bakugo beats down super powered foes that can harm him on the regular.

IM's flight is not such an advantage over Bakugo's version of psuedo flight that he isn't going to be touched, you're horrendously exaggerating the difference between the two. Bakugo can follow Iron Man into the sky if he wants and maneuver mid air even better than on the ground with his rapid, near instantly direction changing explosions. Even with homing attacks, Bakugo can just change his direction and blow them up while they circle around to hit him from behind, or blow them up before they even reach him.

You act like Bakugo can't fight or change direction mid air when that's literally all his psuedo flight is. Rapidly changing direction while speed amping forward, attacking at the same time as well. Stop downplaying his psuedo flight like it is worthless, it's definitely enough to keep up with Iron Man and deal with his missiles.

The size of the missiles is not an advantage, MHA characters already can react to and dodge bullet sized projectiles easily, Iron man's won't be any different, especially when his suit makes very obvious changes when it's going to do something. You think Bakugo won't notice panels opening on the suit before missiles fly out of them? Or that his hand lights up when it points at him? Iron Man has many cues for when he's going to attack that Bakugo would pick up on instantly.

Also, you think Bakugo can't stop them unless he's anticipating them? So you admit that he will never get hit by the missiles after the first time? Because those missiles aren't enough to beat Bakugo from a single pass, and Iron Man not only has a limited supply of missiles, his arc reactor is on a timer as well, which should be far inferior to Bakugo's stamina. Bakugo literally tanks explosions every single time he uses his quirk, missiles are, if anything, the one thing he absolutely can deal with.

Bakugo can blow the missiles up from afar with just his standard ranged explosions, AP shot is just more likely to hit more of them. Stun Grenade is something Iron Man has absolutely no counter to, and let's Bakugo get a free hit to bring Tony back to the ground, or to start breaking his armor with direct AP shots. Bakugo's AP amps just mess Tony up even more, as he cant escape the AoE of his gauntlets, howitzer impact or serious explosions.

Also, Tony fights cqc a lot in these Marks, which he loses in hard vs Bakugo.

If he upscales, he would be High 8-C. If so, I'll just change this to High 8-c versions for both. That would at least be consistent with the Deku match going on, and would give Tony a few more abilities while staying fair.
Ah yes, 8 paragraphs. As your second reply. This is why I mainly dislike MHA threads.

"Tony gets absolutely slapped" literally avoid the guy for 10 whole minutes and yes while he was cocky, he still defeats him, he absolutely clears Hammerdrones from the stadium which to chose to ignore whike writing your lovely paragraph.

Irrelevant, it isn't like he massively outskills what are essentially goons, they're mostly weaker than his own explosions anyhow. And iirc don't we assume that Stark is keyed timeline wise, implying, this is the same Tony that held against Winter Soldier and did all the stuff in Iron Man 3.

All in all, skill advantage is minor to irrelevant at best.

Pseudo Flight's clearly not... it requires the user to rapidly cause propulsion which isn't reasonable and quite distracting, he can dodge them, but not as effectively.

Irrelevant. Attack speed isn't Equalized, so unless Bakugou can literally anticipte bullets before they're shot and you reasonably prove so, he isn't dodging shit. Panels opening takes like a second mate, same with repulsors, and given that Iron Man can fly AND repulsor which Bakugou doesn't have response to? Means fuckall unless he has god level enhanced senses to nktice that minute details from afar.

What? You do know the Arc reactor still works for ******* hours? They're bullet sized missiles which won't get their speed Equalized since they're projectiles.

What is stun grenade?

Also absolutely not given he can survive fights with a bloodlusted Winter Soldier, unless you wanna argue WS<<<Bakugou at CQC.

Probably, yeah.
Also before you double up with 17 paragraphs, consider that most folks have a life, so keeping your points concise is crucial. As the OP you can't feverishly argue anyhow.
"Tony got slapped by Whiplash", not that he gets slapped by Bakugo. He beat Whiplash barely by forcing himself through his whips, that's not a skill feat. I didn't ignore the hammer drones, Tony legit one shots them with repulsor blasts and punches, while 5 of them shooting at him barely even scratch his armor. They're comparable to the goons Bakugo beat up in the first arc, hence why I said numbers don't matter.

Similar to how Tony didn't massively outskill anyone in his suits up to this point?

Is he keyed? Idk, I was just assuming it was actually IM 2 Tony.

You're the one who brought up IM outskilling Bakugo, I was just rebutting.

He can do those precise calculations of velocity, direction and necessary power output in his head instantly, hence why it is in no way an issue for him and makes it good enough to keep up with Tony's flight.

Iron Man's attack speed is only credited that high due to scaling to his reactions, right? Which should be equalized like it is across what seems to be most of his matches. Only his lasers should be noted to have higher AS, and he doesn't have those in this suit.

Bakugo can dodge the repulsor rays while Tony's hand is pointed at him and charging up. Do you think he's just going to stand still and look at IM for a full second before repulsor rays or missiles get shot at him? Whiplash reacted to his rays and missiles before they reached him, and he has comparable speed to Tony. In speed equal, anyone should be able to react to his slight charge up time and warnings, especially if they're somewhat skilled in combat at finding weaknesses like Bakugo.

How many hours? Don't reference the mark 42 feat, weaker suits don't scale to that. His missiles have equal attack speed to his reactions, which are being equalized. If AS isn't equalized, then this is a blitz and the match should just be removed from both profiles.

Stun grenade is Bakugo pointing his hands in your general direction, then letting off blinding light that reaches tens of meters. It's on his profile.

Again, I was under the assumption it would be clear this is IM 2 Tony, not a differnt Tony in a weaker suit.
You know what, **** it. I won't bother arguing because I can't stand this textwall crap you're doing. You win. The end.
I don't know how you want me to condense my thoughts.

Bakugo can react to his missiles and rays before they come out.

Psuedo flight calculation isn't a problem.

Missile speed should be equalized, if not this is kind of a blitz.
Zark, chill the heck on, I dislike those never ending walls of texts too, but come on...

Is a stomp/spite anyway, MK5 is the suitcase armor which lacks the flight, weaponary and armor that even the MK 4 and 3 have.