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Ikki's Base and Ittou Shura Multiplier

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While looking at Ikki's profile I noticed that there is something really wrong with Ikki's ratings in his Base and it is directly connected with the multiplier of Ittou Shura. Ittou Shura's multiplier is, if I'm understanding it right, defined as being at least ten times. This is what the multiplier was decided to be after it used to be several dozen times (The description of Ittou Shura still says that. Someone should correct that). Therefore his current ratings are what he has at most without any other supporting feats. Due to this his Base stats should get at least ratings using the best feats he has in base or with the largest multiplier that would still be reasonable to assume for Ittou Shura.
Don't we already do this? I don't see the difference from what's already on the profile and what you say.
The profile treats Ikki's Base stats as at least when they should be an at most. There is also the description of Ittou Shura on the same page that states several dozen times when the multiplier that is used is ten. In other words it is the opposite of what I'm saying. Try to read my post again.
Actually, he shouldn't be neither at least nor at most, he should be exactly that tier due to Ittou Shura's multiplier. Then dozens should be corrected to ten, its not that big deal
Isn't the multiplier putting Ikki's Base stats above of what he has actually shown to be then? I thought that the Multiplier has been decided to be ten because people thought that it was safer and not because it was actually for sure ten? In that case we need a reasonable lower end of his Attack Potency.
It was decided to be ten because that's the accurate translation of the word used in Japanese, in contrast the originally used dozen.
So Ikki's current statistics are alright despite being above of what he has shown because of the multiplier?
The "At least" isn't simply unneeded, based on what I know it is straight up wrong and shouldn't be in the porfile because of that.
I don't see why it's wrong. Ittou Shura is 10 times above his base, so his base is logically 10 times weaker than Ittou Shura, nothing of "at least" or "at most". The "At least" should be kept for Rasetsu tho, since we're using the 200 times low-ball on that one.
I'm not saying that the multiplier being ten is wrong. What I'm saying is that his Attack Potency being "at least" 1/10 from Ittou Shura is just plain wrong.
That's what I said. His base AP is just 1/10 Ittou Shura, nothing of "At least", nothing of "At most", just 1/10.
I didn't deny that. You just seemed to think that I believed the 10 times multiplier to be wrong so I clarified that.
If there isn't anything left that I should clarify and the "At least" for the 1/10 gets removed, I'm fine with this thread getting closed now.
Don't be too harsh on yourself. As long as everything goes alright everything is alright.
I have been told yesterday that my account is still too new in order to edit anything and that I would have to wait for 2-3 days. Therefore I need someone else to do these things.
Hmm i checked ikki's profile and he doesn't have "at least" before anything that scales from his multipliers.

As for the "several dozen times", i decided to let it due to that being the canon description of the ability. But i can change it np.
His profile has an "at least" before the 1/10th. That should go.

Ionliosite has told me that ten is the accurate translation for the japanese word that was used. If that is really the case, then the description of Ittou Shura should be changed accordingly.
Oh, missed that, true. Fixed it.

It's not really the "accurate translation". It's a translation we got from a certain website, not the original chapter. And the position of the same 2 characters changes it from several dozens to "ten or so times". So we just went for the lowball.
Shouldn't there still be something added or changed to the description of Ittou Shura since it technically says something different than the statistics?
Okay, thanks. Could you also close the thread for me?
In this case we need a discussion moderator or an admin to close this.
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