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What stops Tricky from obliterating with much higher AP?
Tricky upscales from a casual Auditor feat that's slightly above 300 MJ. Furthermore, Tricky is stronger than MAG Hank in MC 11 and in non-canon incidents, and hasn't shown a stat buff in MC 11, so the upscaling is quite high.
Buttersamuri said:
Looks like he may be higher if his justification is overpowering Hank and Jesus (if it's at the same time)
Yes, it is. So, close to a x3 advantage if we're being absolutely liberal, likely quite a bit higher with high upscaling.
Probably best to keep it as it is, where both sides have useful abilities.

Or Dedmos kek.
I'll keep it as it is unless terribly unfair, which...I don't think it is terribly unfair. I'd assume duplication would help a lot
But Ringo is the one with all the wins.

This fight.

What does Ringo have?
I'll list the fight stuff in a moment. One big point I was looking at was LS. Ringo I think should be stronger if my info is right. An average building can weigh around 70 tons, and Ringo is a casual 300 tons. So Telekinesis shouldn't work well. Correct me if I'm wrong
Ringo takes a nap while chilling in the submarine that Tricky couldn't damage with 100 years because you didn't restrict it
Tricky's TK handles buildings that are bigger than my school. Like, I'm talking 2-3 story office building types. The Auditor rose his own evil skyscraper looking thing, too.
We don't have an exact size of the buildings called upon, most of the time. They're just... big. Bigger than a house, at least.
No idea how tall they are either, tbh. Just "Really tall".

If I could get conclusive evidence of the height of the building in MC 10, I'd make the upgrade. For now, I'll settle for Class K.
MC 10, The Auditor raises a large building that goes quite far into the sky. I believe in MC 6, or 7, a large building drops on Deimos and Sanford's heads.
O checked them out. My first look showed me this.

MC 6 was the one story me showed on his page, So around 70+ tons. The other one is hard to say. The first 3 parts weren't very impressive. He rose 3 tall stands one at a time. But they weren't super big, and were extremely hollow. The second part is more impressive, but it was only a 2 story thing he seemed to raise. Which would bump them up to 140+ tons.
Those 'stands' then opened into a massive ass series of rooms stretching several stories high.

Anyhow, we can assume they'd be relatively similar in lifting strength..?

Can we move on from such?
That's what the + is there for. But alright. I believe that should irk. Ringo should still be able to fight back the telekinesis without outclassing it. Same vis versus

As far as powers

Ok. So. Typical stuff. Duplication, Teleportation, Decent regen (His Body got filled it's arrows and healed the moment they are out, so could heal bullet and stab Wounds that aren't too aggressive), Natural flight, Danmaku based attacks and defenses, massive sorts of AOE attacks and defenses. (He can sing and the words become physically, which can grow to his on size and bigger in his control), which also can be probably done it's Size manipulation which he has, He has a Hole, which he physically can use to get through objects, it's a portable Hole he can use cause toon force (place it on a wall, he can jump through it, place it on the ground. He can go through it. You get the idea), He can just create objects, often done while he sings, Can do the typical hide myself in something I couldn't possibly fit in thing most cartoons do, Can touch and interact with non physical, and then finally hit Empathy hax, which is a pacifying hax he does by singing

He resists Pain, Paralyzing, and Age haxs

That's what Ringo has to work with
Bullet regen will work, but when Tricky starts shooting, he sorta starts shooting until the enemy literally has their body blown to shreds.

How often does he use duplication?

Does he have a win condition for killing Tricky?
True. Though they can escape it through teleportation. Not always every time of course as if tricky plays his cards right. But it should be helpful if they take a few shots and

Decently often. Used it when he needed. Combat or normal (like one duplicating themselves to pilot the submarine, and gassing the Meanies)

Umm. Let me see his page again real quickly cause I'm unsure
So, what's the plan? Immortality is decently unreliable (revived as a zombie clown once, revived as a flaming demon ****** of abomination once, and died for real once).

Oh, and Ressurection was actually used on an enemy just to kill them again, but that was only done once.
Doesn't sound like ringo can win realistically. And even if he kills tricky somehow, the chance of that getting No'd with possible immortality reviving him just hammers it in worse