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Gwen Tennyson VS Terra Branford Battle of Half humans/Half purple op form

Standard battle assumptions

Speed Equalized

Terra has every esper available

Gwen is high 5-A while Terra is At least 5-A

Terra: 0

Gwen: 0
Anodite Form Gwen
Esper Form Terra
Both works together to stop Vilgax and Kefka:0
Terra time abilities,libra(information analysis),mind manipulation or durability negation attacks exist

Gwen also has a lot of hax,more AP is just something she has
ABoogieYesSir said:
Honestly I just think that Terra can slow/stop Gwen down and transmute her.
I will wait to see more opinions and then I will count your vote

Terra as a RPG character can start with everything from the begining,but I don´t know what is Gwen first move in character
The 2nd Existential Seed said:
Bump. Gwen usually resorts to telekinesis first on character.
Then she could end this fight instantly with her AP advantage

Or she use telekinesis to just move his enemies and not to crush their bodies?
Because all of those she has some form of mental restraint of sort... as either Ben being there to make sure she doesn't kill, or someone she cares about. In fact, there was an entire episode with the whole point of her not losing control , implying she would have lost it had no one of importance been there to cope her out of it .

With this in mind... She has no one here to help her... So...
She has never being able to use Anodite form without losing the control of the form?

Because from what I can understand is that she can lose the control easily,but not in the beginning of a fight
I meant as the battle goes on Gwen will slowly lose mental restraint... Meaning Terra needs to end the fight before Gwen does lose control, or she gets literally force gripped.
Kazuma kuwabara said:
MrLuk2000 said:
Gwen in her anodite form in canon is bloodlusted
Have she ever used telekinesis en anodite form to crush someone?
Does "I feel like I can take out this entire Hybrid ship fleet" (that were scattered across galaxies) count?

(She's talking about her raw power)
Does "I feel like I can take out this entire Hybrid ship fleet" (that were scattered across galaxies) count?

(She's talking about her raw power)

I don´t know,but I think we have established that she will crush Terra when she loses her control

So Terra can in theory fight back