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Goblin Slayer vs Gon Freecss (Goblin Slayer vs Hunter x Hunter)

while walking through the minecraft desert gon encounters goblin slayer and thinks he's a bad guy. Fighting ensues


Goblin Slayer


Both 9-B (Hunter Exam Arc/Zoldyck Family Arc Gon vs Goblin Slayer with Gate Scroll Restricted)

Gon has knowledge of Goblin Slayer while goblin slayer does not have knowledge

In-character goblin slayer and bloodlusted Gon

Battle takes place in the minecraft desert

they are 2ft apart

victory conditions: Death or Incap


If the rules have any bias. feel free to point it out and i'll correct it to make things more fair. (Just in case) (i want to make sure the fight is fair and there isn't any bias to either side)

also first key Gon does not have nen manipulation so there's no worry about ren/aura that paralyses the enemy.
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yeah i don't know the ap difference.

also goblin slayer's reaction speed seems to be quite high compared to gon's subsonic speed.

but i argue that gon's RPL could fix that if he survive for a bit.

but yeah it's still applicable aka AD, RPL, and PR
oh wait i found this thing

not sure if gon's 9-B is related to this one. (i need more info from a HXH fan)

but it says this

The 9-B characters are scaled to one of the random hunter contestants being able to bisect a large tree (174 Kilojoules)
I'm a little bit sleepy AtM.
Also, anyone know the AP value for Goblin Slayer?

Other useful information might be their Skill levels & behaviour. Anyone have any info on that for their relevant keys?