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Glass Joe fights a (unusual) tiger

Joe wins very easily. Skill. Strength, experience, intelligence, durability, and even LS. A liger isn't getting Joe down.
Joe downscales from punching a bull into the sky. I think he one shots. Also his durability upscales from the bull feat as he scales to getting a beat down from Sandman, so the Liger can't hurt him at all.
A liger has a scaling over crushing a skull. A liger could most certainly hurt him. I forgot the exact amount. But I believe it's PSI is over twice the needed force to crush me
Is he really low enough on the tier to be hurt by a liger? If so then I may vote for the Liger. Joe is a slight coward so the biggest big cat in the world coming at him is probably going to scare him. Even if it doesn't Ligers are expert predators while Joe only won a single match and that was because the opponent knocked themselves out. The Liger is likely to pull Joe down from his legs and rip his throat out, and human martial arts are terrible against animals. I doubt Joe's intelligence is a big advantage because most of it wouldn't help with a fight while almost all the Ligers intelligence and experience go towards hunting and killing.

The lifting strength advantage also shouldn't matter because big cats kill animals vastly larger than themselves all the time like young elephants, and large buffalo.
He is 540,262 joules.

He isn't a coward. He recognizes danger, but still can react. Just cause he says Oh no when he sees Mac star punching, doesn't mean we can jump to he is a coward. A coward wouldn't even step in the ring, let alone try and rematch Mac over and over again. And even in these instances where he reacts like that, he still is fully able to dodge and counter like he does in his rematch bouts. Joe has been fighting way longer, and Joe has actual training fighting. This isn't martial arts, it's boxing, which is avoiding attacks and punching. That works across species. The fact that these people battle with animals like actual Bears and Bulls in their canon completely disproves it being useless against it. A Liger could not put Joe down cause to bring him down would require overpowering his LS. Which is not happening. It charges in attempt to tackle and gets yeeted away. Joe end game still makes it to the championship boxing matches. The fact he made it that far and can still canonically win puts him way above the liger. We can't consider his start game, as he gets way better by end game. And end game would be notably skilled enough to face a wild animal he is stronger, tougher, and LS superior to.

And your fail to include an important detail. This only really happens when Groups of Big cats pull off this feat. Not individual ones. Which is a Huge difference. LS has a huge effect cause it means a Liger isn't going to even remotely be able to push him over, hold him, or tackle him. Joe can easily throw it meters away.
A individual can kill bigger species it's just much harder. When it comes to knocking Joe off his feet 1)Why does he even scale to the other characters lifting strength when he lost to all of them 99 times in canon and only won because the opponent ko'ed themselves, 2) the Liger doesn't need to overpower him, it just has to wack one of his legs out from underneath him which is much easier to do than fully overpowering someone.

Joe trained to fight humans and lost repeatedly, just because he trained doesn't mean he trained well, meanwhile Ligers successfully kill creatures stronger than themselves all the time.

Many people off site have pointed out that Joe repeatedly fights Little Mac for the wrong reasons, he isn't brave, more full of himself. He already shakes a bit when he sees Little Mac, much less when he sees a vicious animal know to slaughter humans.

The other boxers fought animals but they did it through sheer power, they didn't outskill the bull they punched it once and it went flying. And the people that fought animals were the people that beat Glass Joe, not Glass Joe himself.
My autocorrect is annoying, hopefully it doesn't cause to much confusion because it changes a lot of my points on accident.
Extremely extremely rare instances that tend to have special reasons why that happened. But it's not normal and they aren't scalable. A liger or big bat Can Not typically take on a big creature like a buffalo one on one. 1. Just because you lose to someone. Doesn't mean you can't scale. Joe still causes actual harm, take hits, keep up with the fast?,and can canonically win against (which yes, it is Not game mechanic). It will have a permanent marking in his record if he wins a match against mac, and Mac will always have that loss. This is Championship Glass Joe. Aka, by the end of the game when he is fighting in the literal championship ring of world class boxers. He can win, it does effect their records, and we even see him with the belt if he wins the fight. Now of curse, End game Mac is much stronger then End game Joe, but that says more about Macs training to get better. But Joe still stands with him end game in the championship. That says leagues about how much better he would have had to get.

Plus, bonus point, every other fighter has a reason they typically beat him. They are than he is stronger, than he is bigger, or both. Now he faces something small and weaker than him.

2. Not going to happen. If this was something like a Class 1 vs Class 5, you could have more an argument. But Joe is Class 25. That thousands of times stronger. I myself could not knock over the worlds strongest guy if I hit him in his weak spot, because I'm still to weak. This is leagues of leagues different to where a Liger is not moving him not matter how hard he tries

He typically lost because he is weaker than them. That's why he lost. These guys tend to be giant against him. End game he can successfully win agaisnt Mac after he becomes champion. And a Liger does not do that all the time. That's a Rate occurance That always tends to have specific reason why it happened. One on one. Bigger animals win. A bear whoops a lion. A Walrus whoops a Polar Bear. An elephant whoops Liger.

Shaking doesn't mean he is a coward. That has no basis behind it. The shaking honestly could be their over dramatic "haha he is weak" being overplayed. Much like everything tends to be over the top. It's one of those "he is so weak he is shaking" things. And no. Regardless of him being full of himself, he still is brave enough t I stand in the arena, even if he has lost so many times, he continues on. He stood in the arena and fought with King Hippo and Sandman. Even if they whooped him, to openly step in an arena and fight with them says a lot on him. He hardly shows reason he is a coward. Being a little shaky doesn't mean coward. And by no means does that effect his skill and fighting. Even when he sees a star punch coming. He still will react and dodge it. So even if he was scared of it, doesn't stop him from reacting and fighting back

Yes. They did it with sheer power. Which guess what Glass Joe has over the Liger. A lot of power. Stronger, far tougher, and far far higher LS. Heck, not much stops him from pulling the same move done to the bull and sending them flying.

It's a trained fighter whos So much stronger LS wise the liger won't be able to budge them a single centimeter, Stronger AP wise, Much tougher, and smarter agaisnt a wild animal who's smaller, weaker, and far less intelligent than anyone Joe has fought before
Sorry for not responding, I was eating.

I find it super strange that a man that literally never one once before could all of a sudden have a chance to defeat the champion, when the last champion beat him, along with everyone else, every time they fought. This is after he got a head damage from the previous fight.

If he really is comparable to Mac in every way just downscales then I could see him winning but it doesn't feel right how a man that literally could not win against people weaker than Mac can win against a stronger Mac.
No worries

Oh, He didn't suddenly do that. There's an implied extremely long period of time before Glass Joe fights him again. Mac increases his skill with multiple training montages, and goes through two other entire Bouts filled with fighters before he even fights Joe again. and then another training montage after he becomes champion. And time between matches can be quite large for boxers. Comparing them to real life would give Glass Joe More than enough time to increase himself. He at the very least had more than a few months to train and get better.

Well, start game definitely couldn't fight championship max. But end game should be able to. Since they specifically animate that Joe can win in canon, even giving him the championship belt says they meant for him to get a lot better. And the time in between their first fight and rematch is massive. Plenty of time to get better. So it's not just out of the blue.
I guess I'll change my vote to Glass Joe, I doubt he's a better fighter than the liger but he definitely has enough physically stats for that not to matter.
Just wanna mention that ligers really don't have much in the way of hunting experience considering they occur only in captivity, and thus never have to hunt for their food.
Welp, this scalated a bit more than i expected. Anyways, i THINK this is not a stomp, at least going by the stats, but i might check it again later or maybe change the circunstances of the fight if it's TOO stompy.