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Gaunter O'Dimm Revisions

Hello guys

Recently, Netflix released The Witcher series, and initially I didn't care but with people praising the quality of the series, I decided to give it a try, and boooooi what a smart move of my part. I really liked it, the characters and the world itself, and then I bought the books (The Last Wish, Sword of Destiny and Season of Storms, for now, are completed), and I also found the story incredible, LEAGUES ahead from the netflix series, then it was time for the games.

I read about W1 and 2, then I went for W3, and jesus this is the best game I ever played, it's just too good to be true, now I'm going for W2. But anyway, going for the actual thread now, this Gaunter boi surprised me, such a good and interesting character, and Hearts of Stone knew how to make him a great antagonist, but then I was disappointed with his profile here, why, do you ask ? Because it's filled with...unnecessary downplay, I believe


  • Unknown. At least Town level (Should be vastly superior to any mage or djinn, who have shown various feats of storm creation, and can summon meteors), likely much higher (Implied to have created a pocket dimension that had its own moon and stars)

Gaunter is listed as 7-C for basically being far superior to everything in the game, however summoning a storm is usually Low 7-B to 7-B, and while Eredin's storm is indeed Low 7-C via calc, Djinn's storms should be just 7-B, I don't know why we are scalling Eredin's storm to Djinn's storms, since we know that Djinns are far more powerful than him and are capable of creating true storms

Then, we have the "likely much higher" part, and I ask, why ? The feat that can give Gaunter something higher than 7-B isn't Unknown or Uncalculable, it's 4-A via creating a dimension filled with stars, no reason to omit this. Now I know that it's only possible that he created it, that's why he should have "Possibly 4-A" listed, not just solid 4-A

Then, just remove his "Unknown" tier, because we already have scalling for him to give him solid tiers

My suggestion:

  • At least City level (Stronger than Djinns who are capable of creating storms, created one strong enough to sink Geralt's ship), possibly Multi-Solar System level (Implied to have created a dimension filled with stars)
I hope I don't need to explain why both of those tiers are not an Outlier, right ? Okay I will. Well, Gaunter isn't touched by absolutely nothing in the game and nothing in the verse can ever dream of defeating him in a fair fight, nobody scales to him, and as a God Tier that never showed his true power, the outlier argument doesn't quite work here


Gaunter not only have many interesting feats, but he also have statements about his nature, most of them saying that he's the root of all evil or evil incarnated. His profile say this to us:

possibly Conceptual Manipulation (Unknown type) and Abstract Existence (Unknown type), should he truly be the root of all evil as posited by Professor Shakeslock and the research material found in his house.

Now what is the problem here ? The real doubt about the nature of his existence is whether he is indeed the root of evil or no, but if he is, with the information we have, we can define the type of Concept hax and AE that he possesses, just look at the statement. Being the embodiment/root of all evil is, by our standards, Type 2 Conceptual Manipulation, and being the embodiment of Evil itself is Type 2 Abstract Existence, the story makes unclear about his true nature but the statements can give us solid types for both Concept Hax and AE

So my suggestion is to change them from "Unknown Type" to Type 2 for both, while keeping the "Possibly" since, as I said, it's not clear if he is really the root of all evil and stuff
Typically, Type 2 AE requires that there is evidence of some kind that they are in some way immortal via being connected to the abstract entity; as in, they need to demonstrate that their relation to the abstract entity demonstrates something akin to Type 8 Immortality. In this case, we would need to prove that Gaunter being the embodiment of evil makes him immortal so long as evil exists.

Otherwise, this all seems fine to me!
We have statements when Gaunter says he'll come back after his fight against Geralt, when he says he can't be killed

It is listed as Possibly Type 8 Immortality in his page
In that case, I suppose this would be fine for a possibly rating as well.
finally, someone gets my name right
Gonna need some proof of this for the type 2 concept he has.

False Platonic Concept: Such concepts, or forms, are mostly transcendent of reality. These concepts shape all of reality and whatever level that reality exists i, and everything in reality "participates" in these concepts. These concepts interact with their objects in the same manner as listed above. In this way, the alteration of these concepts will change every object of the concept on whatever scale has been shown.
i don't think there is any needed to remove

in every encaunter we ever seen gaunter he has never been serious or even unleashed 1% of his power, he literally considered everything as a playground just to entertain himself and even created the pocket dimension just for a puzzle game

I don't have any problems with it being back at type unkown again but still it doesn't mean he isn't
AP's not the problem, but it's the concept manip we're talking about. I'd suggest talking with someone knowledgeable in cosmology.