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Fujimaru Attack Potency Update

Fujimaru Kudo should be much stronger than he's right now.

In the game, he's able to defeat characters such as Ichigo with a Bankai (Hueco Mundo Arc), Kenpachi Zaraki, Byakuya Kuchiki with his Bankai, and many other characters, such as Arrancar Arc Yoruichi.

(Given, he did have someone help fighting with him, but in most cases, cutscene wise, is pretty biased into showing that Fujimaru is a strong character in game, considering that at the endgame, Yamamoto himself asked for the MC and their sibling to become Captains, to which they refused, as they wanted to be a family in the real world)

Managed to defeat what was considered clones of Soi Fon.

Managed to defeat his father, who's a pretty fast captain who's able to keep up with Arrancar's arc Yoruichi.

Managed to defeat UberDaddy, the Massive demonic hollow version of his adoptive father, who was turned into a hollow by Aizen so that he could screw up the reincarnation and that way, destroy the three worlds that exist in the 3rd Phantom.

Tl;Dr: Fujimaru should be 6-C for the virtue of fighting Bankai Ichigo and many other comparable characters, At least 6-B via absorbing his allies Reiatsu's given that he defeated someone even Yamamoto by himself was not able to to finish by himself
Yeah, he should get upgraded with the others.

I haven't played it in a long time, but I remember this being fairly good for a licensed game.
Blahblah9755 said:
Actually, shouldn't he be 6-B? His profile has him scaling to Yamamoto and Ukitake by the end of the game.
I mean, he's (in story) the one to defeat and kill the Hollow Seigen Suzunami, who's supposedly stronger than all mentioned characters (Such as Yamamoto and Ukitake).

I'm just afraid of putting his as 6-B due to full virtue of him scaling being considered an outlier/game mechanics or something like "But Yamamoto wasn't considered to be this strong" or "We don't know which characters were canonically invited to the last mission" Since well, the last mission has our MC getting a ragtag team of allies (Which can be anyone from Yamamoto to Hanataro to Shinji Hirako) and invading Hueco Mundo so that they can stop Hollow Suzunami, who's by now stronger than any other hollow iirc.

They fight him, he almost dies, eats some hollow, evolves into a mecabusting something and they fight again.

MC absorbs the energies of all their allies and makes a ******* blast of energy to gtfo Seizen into death so hard the regen doesn't work
Hueco Mundo Bankai Ichigo is now listed as high 6-C it seems. If Suzunami was stronger than any hollow, does that include Espada? If so, that would place him at 6-B as well, since Nnoitra and above are 6-B in Resurrección
I mean, I would think so, considering that the characters have a easier time fighting the Espada than Boss Suzunami (Given, I don't remember any of them using their Resurrección, though I know some can use it.)

Also, just remembered that Shinji Hirako and Hiyori are both playable characters who deliberatedly use their Hollowfication as special attacks, could that be used for scale or that would be game mechanics already?
That would probably be usable. If anything, them only using hollow mask for special attacks when they're known to use it for entire fights in canon is more game mechanics.
Hollow Seigen Suzunami Is faster than Ukitake and Yamamoto? If it is, shouldn't Fujimaru have Relativistic speed to be able to keep up with him?
Hollow Seigen Suzunami is stationary, but his attacks are able to tag both of the mentioned one.

But Fujimaru can evade those with enough Agility (RPGs mechanics do screw up)
Well, the members who know a lot about Bleach are still better suited to evaluate this than I am.
Since others don't know about the events of the game, if you posted scans of what you said above happening in the game then any staff who comes along would be able to just look through them and agree/disagree, speeding this up a lot more.
Well, I don't have a save, playing on a emulator and all

Though this gives me a reason to replay the game.

Let's close this thread and resolve it on the next CRT
It would be easier if you just ask the people that I recommended.
CursedGentleman said:
Ngl, it's hella annoying considering that there's no one knowledgeable in this series
This game came out over 10 years ago on Nintendo. Of course, most people won't remember much of it especially not information relevant on a tiering wiki.

Here we see the Protagonist (The Female Path, which is almost the same, but you play as Fujimaru's sister), they defeat characters like Yammy Llargo, Ulquiorra Cifer and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

https://youtu.be/PQoHT5dguHk Here we see the Final Fight, Seigen Suzunami by himself is generating an impressive natural power for our characters, who just fought off the aforementioned Espada, and after the fight battle, is shown that Seigen, after being firstly beaten up, he devours more Menos Grande (Which apparently have been called to have Unlimited Spiritual Energy which is supposed to mean something big, on this game, while also having full control over reincarnation.)

The MC after a tiring battle, can't properly harm Seigen, because of his great power, and thus are obligated to use the Magic Mirror, to stop him of turning into a bloody Reiatsu bomb, which regenerates.

MC and the twin get together, absorb the other's Reiatsu and Kill their adoptive father hollow form.

Ok, while I cannot any statement of "He's stronger than any other hollow" besides how they acted while sensing him and fighting him, he IS the final boss.

And while yes, the final group that goes to defeat the Seigen Suzunami, as I said, can be chosen, which is why I was a bit afraid of putting the 6-B without any approval.

(The only pre determined characters that will go with you to Hueco Mundo is your twin and Ichigo)

I was pretty blinded by Nostalgia, and really thought there was some kind of statement of him being a complete threat, but besides Yammy saying that he (The First form Hollow Suzunami) being dangerous because he could blast unlimited Ceros without screwing himself up thanks to his Regenerationn, I couldn't find anything...

Oh well, while he can be not considered 6-B, he should be at least 6-C, perhaps High 6-C, but idk anymore...

Also, apparently both Twins are always capable of getting stronger because their Zanpakutou is literally Potential, so there's that.
The walkthrough was just a suggestion of walthorugh to use.

>Oh well, while he can be not considered 6-B, he should be at least 6-C, perhaps High 6-C, but idk anymore...

  • Are you proposing a downgrade for Fujimaru Kudo?
I'm proposing that since it's unknown how strong the hollow Suzunami is (while stronger than Espada, they were not using Resurreccion so they don't necessarily scale to 6-B)

We also do not have a clue of the 'canon' group that goes with Fujimaru, given that's part of player input.

And Yamamoto, Ukitake and who not, incapable of one shot ting the BBG could be PIS or simply not knowing how strong they were supposed to be.

If that's grounds for a downgrade, then yes.

As there are many variables.
I think it is valid ground for Unknown; I am fine with a changing the tier to Unknown and it might be the best choice, CursedGentleman.
I mean, it is still known that he's stronger than Arrancar arc characters, we just don't know how what's his limit since we don't know how strong Hollow Seigen is.