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FCOC Wiki's Strongest XII

I really don't hate the as much as the former, just two points though.
1.Not everyone even if they are trying to will submit profiles that meet the standards for those tiers.
2.Even on the regular VSB wiki list they don't have a tier 0 list for the sake of brevity.
But I feel I like I'm the odd one out on this so.
you mean like a strongest tier 0 section?

Idk why they don't have one tbh. It's pretty obvious Twin Peaks is the strongest and whatnot.
I mean, there are several reasons as to why.

1. Characters at that point are very subjective
2. There arent many of them in the first place
3. They are usually boring to debate since they tend to just be stomp threads

Tier 0 smurfs are still allowed tho iirc. Stomps arent as of an issue with smurfs since a stomp is kinda to be expected anyways (a tier 2 smurf vs a tier 1 smurf for example)
I mean, it's two completely different things whether you come onto this site, look at the tiering system and go "hmm, yes, I'll make my verse to be tier 0 for no other narrative reason than wanting it to be the stronkest" or you come on here, use our made up tiering system to tier your verse and it just so happens to end up being tier 0.

I can kinda understand the hate towards the first one, but most certainly not towards the second one.

No one has any problems with the second method, afaik.

The first method, however, is just sad and takes up space for the sake of doing so; profiles like that either exist in excessively verbose or stupidly lazy formats.

But if you’re making a profile for a verse, do what you like with it so long as you don’t godmod.
Would this profile make it or not? (2-A or Low 1-C, 6D)
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Would this profile be on here or not? (2-A or Low 1-C
That was created one day ago, is poorly formatted, and has so many unexplained hax that I can only believe it was made to be extremely powerful. Denied.
To be honest the page really isn't that bad. Its formatting is just a bit different and it doesn't link the statistics.

But the fact that it was made a day ago is a little weird.
Oh btw lol

"Flew across the universe at 3.8 x 10^10215 times the speed of light"
"while passive decreasing his opponent's stats by 1.5 x 10^1999"

This is just funny
Quick Updates

Frederick takes 1st Low 7-B quite easily thanks to the extremely big wall of 5D hax that Koji has no answers to.

Low 7-B

Frederick gets rolled in 6-B due to 6D+ passives all around and Faye being Irrelevant speed with 1-A sealing.

Frederick stomps all competition in 5-C. No debate here tbh.


God Emperor Frost takes 2nd 2-A because the tier 0 cosmology they scale to is nowhere near what Aether scales too.

Yulie for High 6-A, 1st or 2nd
Scales to 16 exatons.

1-A soul and conceptual hax, with Boundless type 5 acausality and a bunch of resistances that is not limited to pretty much any psychological based attack, corruption, soul, conceptual, casuality, time, fate, probability, and plot manipulation.
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A bit to add on that as well: On top of Boundless resistance to psychological attacks, she can also passively redirect them back at the target with the same degree of potency.
Actually, they can. In the overall verse, souls are conceptual forms that define the true nature of a being which is rooted upon the level of reality it exists in; the narrative itself in other words, so her soul/conceptual hax works along the lines of Plot Manipulation as well. This can completely erase the concept of a character from the story itself and send them into the conceptual void, converting their entire character concept into conceptual information that higher beings use to weave tales and stories.
So, High-Godly regeneration negation at a Boundless level.
Actually, may I have Yulie for 4-C as well? Literally all of her abilities remain the same as her High 6-A key, she just scales to 260 tenatons instead.
I'll go over how she would fair against all the others briefly. Also her being sub rel means she blitzes all of them anyways.
I forgot to go over Boocord in this post so I'll do that now.
The fate stuff is something he can't surmount. Discord actively fell victim to it (despite being able to "read the script".), being one of the things Blackjack had to ante at one point. This Blackjack is also packing two weapons made of materials known for bounding and torturing him over the course of 200 years. When Blackjack freed him from said prison he was on the verge of death.
Anyways yeah, I hope that's enough to get Alicorn MGR:R Raiden her own spot now.
I nominate the characters from Evanescent for the tiers Unknown and 3-B. Due to verse mechanics and such, everyone's haxs and passives work on a very very high T0 scale. As most have passive defenses that negate any attack or ability not on their level and the such, I think that should be enough to take 1st spot.
Valentina Runihura for uh

2nd 8-C: She stomps the ponies via matter/bio manip. She beats Mirai due to speed, hax, and resistance wall.

4th 7-C.

3rd 6-C. Tied with Phoenix.

3rd High 6-A. Stomps Satan and Knights of Justice. She's wayyy too fast and impossible for them to kill thanks to pretty much infinite resurrection, type 8, and type 9. She also has nigh-infinite duplication.

1st Low 5-B. Tied with Phoenix.

1st 4-A. High 1-A conceptual manipulation through mathematics. Acausality type 3. Infinite resurrection. Multiple different type 8 immortalities. Extremely high speed. God tier resistance wall. Etc etc. I think she beats Sans.

2nd Low 2-C. Same reasons as 4-A.

1st High 1-C. Tied with Phoenix.

1st 1-B. Shinbad gets turned 0-D by tier 0 mathematics manipulation.
Blackjack may have an item or even even passively produce items (Moonstone), that may offer resistances to the bio and matter manip. I should probably get some scans on that before I go any further though.
afaik, all of these are going
Also because I feel the need to preface this with this, please don't get mad at me if the list misses stuff, This is just something I got through speed reading profiles. Its not exact and I'm not familiarizing myself with their backstories to make it that way. Though if I do miss shit it'd be nice to know what's been left out.

1: Aliax

1: The Unbeings

1: Luna

2: Valentina Runihura

1: Kang Xiangxiang Li

4: Valentina Runihura

3: Valentina Runihura

High 6-B
2: Zephyr Highwind (Everybody Wants to Die)

1: Zephyr Highwind (Everybody Wants to Die)

High 6-A
1: Yulie

Low 5-B
1:Valentina Runihura

1: Colosseum
3: Ion, the Emperor of Agladda

1: Sans (Reincarnation Wars)

1: Yulie

1: Valentina Runihura

2: Omni (Everybody Wants to Rule the World)

2: Ichika Yuuki
3: Ruby Rose (Cyverse)

Low 2-C
1: Aether

1: Aether
2: God Emperor Frost

High 1-C
1: Valentina Runihura

2: Valentina Runihura

High 1-B
1: Aether