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Even More Blazblue Revisions

Really damn nice!

Also i think Full Power Azrael can qualify for that feat as well and probably Izanami (Amane might but i think that's a stretch).
Azreal? Maybe. He is quite the contender relative to much of the verse.

Probably not, on #2, Onlooker Rachel would before he did.
Have you asked the rest of the calculation group for input? I am not sure if highlighting a thread for a calculation blog is the proper way to go.
I tried to earlier, and failed quite embarrasingly. I've not been able to find the thread since, so I've not had the chance. Is it policy to not highlight important revision threads that would have an impact on a lot of the series, anymore?
The calculation evaluations thread is linked to in the wiki's front page, as well as the wiki navigation bar, under "Featured -> Threads".

Here it is: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/370627

Highlighting important content revision threads that need input is fine, although specific calculation blogs are supposed to be evaluated by the calculation group, not by the rest of the community.
Thank you.

Also, as a member of the calculation group, I would appreciate if you bookmark and check up the above thread regularly.
First off, this feat has nothing to do with infinite gravity. Claiming it does is not an argument because there is simply no link. If we are to consider the legitimacy of it, it must be alone.

Second off, what Kokonoe sealed with Infinity Gravity was A Black Beast not The Black Beast. A Black Beast can be created from a variety of means but the only one ever shown to be capable of destroying the world is Ragna's. I assume one formed from Noel would also work as well, but certainly not the one in this case.

And, again, when astrals lead to bad ends and Kokonoe is never shown destroying a good portion of the planet for virtually no reason, there is no reason TO take this as canon. You can't argue the inverse because that is shrugging off your burden of proof. If you cannot explain why Kokonoe has not canonically ****** over the planet, then you don't have the argument.
@Alakabamm Thank you for the evaluation. Can you post this reply in the calculation blog as well?
Antvasima said:
@Alakabamm Thank you for the evaluation. Can you post this reply in the calculation blog as well?
I will but it's not like I am disagreeing with the numbers, although the scaling looks to be a bit error prone to me (not that Perp made an error, but rather that it is hard to conclude that two measurements fall outside of chance).