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Let’s just say that there’s an iteration of the universe where I am not extremely late for this thread.

Anyways as the inventor of Hypertimelines, yes I’ll keep glazing myself with that title, I agree with this thread.
1. Thank you for inputting.

2. You glaze yourself with that title as much as you want.

3. Do you know any other voting staff who can give input? Any who have experience with hypertimelines?
Being a different time dimension is irrelevant, since different temporal dimensions with different flow rates can still move in the same time direction
I just wanna single out this part and say it makes no sense.

If you agree there are 2 separate temporal dimensions, then per definition they cannot flow in the same direction.

Your statement would only make sense if you used the word “dimension” to mean realm.
Shouldn't he have 7D hax as well? Why would he have powers that are below him in dimensionality?
We only see him affecting 6D stuff, and the Supers only technically interact with his 6D "version" who is anchored down into our dimension.
We can get Archie up there with the consistant evidence of string theory in the comics and in Sonic Boom (which is in the same cosmology) on top of all the higher D structures we already have
I look forward in seeing evidence of that in a future CRT for Archie Sonic.