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I have been looking into it and I am kind of confused, when did Kagutsuchi destroy the entirety of the Amala multiverse upon death in TDE? Is it a novelization I missed or something or the CD drama? This isn't a revision because I just want to know. In the Chronicle Edition of Nocturne, Raidou Kuzunoha returns to his home universe, even after the True Demon Ending. How do we reconcile that? Is the SMT timeline just that confusing and inconsistent (if the answer is yes that makes sense to me assuming the sources to the stuff listed in the AP is legit)? We see that black void of nothingness in the Normal Demon Ending as well where only one universe dies because Kagutsuchi leaves, and we see True Kagutsuchi in all endings, so I don't think defeating it necessarily means all of Amala dies, just wherever Kagutsuchi's head currently is in that universe. I could be wrong though and that's why I am asking, I have not seen all of the important SMT stuff yet so I cannot say for sure.
Just to ask first. Why would Raidou "going to his home universe" be an issue with how the Amala Structure functions?
It's not really an issue, the problem with that is if we assume that the entire Amala Universe died then he wouldn't have anywhere to go.

I should say I found the sanghai stuff so that's not a problem anymore, but I think I am somewhat confused because most believe (and there is some evidence supporting it) that a majority of games take place in the Amala Universe, but if the Amala Universe died then that makes me confused across all points in time then that makes me confused about the placement of this. Of course I am asking this as someone who has gotten into the series recently and only recently checked out all the fan theories and stuff, which the SMT verse page sort of covers like how it uses a fan timeline and such.
No, the Amala Universe is not the entire franchise, if it was every game would be the same, have Kagutsuchi, Reason Bearers and Magatsuhi (Albiet Magatsuhi is just a edgy magnetite) and you said the series would be dead. The Amala Universe is simply one of many multiverses in the SMT cosmos
that seems to make more sense actually yeah, I think I had this problem because I read the dialogue of Nocturne and such and was confused that most statements about the world seemed local to the immediate universe. Is there just some dialogue or quotes or context I don't know yet I missed because if so that would clear everything up.
Define what you mean about statements being local to the universe. There's scans on Kagutsuchi's profile about being an infinite multiverse.
I knew about Isamu talking about Noah being from beyond the infinite Amala, but when I played Nocturne I thought the statement about billions of Vortex Worlds existing meant that billions existed simultaneously in the same multiverse of sorts, which is why I thought that there was one head of Kagutsuchi in every Vortex World and that destroying one would only allow creation for one world. The lady in black used the words "in the Amala Universe" to begin describing where the other Vortex Worlds are which is why I wanted to know, and why it at first did not make sense to me that all endings could be canon. I suppose what I was asking for more so is just True Kagutsuchi maintaining infinite worlds at once I think? I am clear on the Sanghai stuff though, so the page's infinite stuff makes sense to me, but infinite x infinite x infinite universes I don't seem to understand based on what I know and what I read in the explanation blogs.

I'm getting a bit confounded again so if I'm not being clear enough it might take me some time to rephrase my question.
Yes, the full Kagutuchi is maintaining endless realities and endless iterations of those worlds which are apart of it's time since death and rebirth happens constantly. And since there are infinite Kagutsuchi heads and demons like Ahriman in each world the infinite 2-A structure has infinite 2-As.