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DC Comics: The Omega Titans

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Following this thread, we forgotten to talk about the suggested abilities.

Here's the power list. Most of them are already in the profile. Just adding some justifications for these abilities.

  • Absorption (Can open their armor, pulling a planet within and close it around the planet for energy)
  • Invulnerability (The combined might of Superman, Wonder Woman and many others was useless against one of them)
  • Information Analysis: (Can determine the dominant energy on a planet with the use of a tree made out of information)
  • Add a weakness: (They cannot think by any measurable standart)
Energy manipulation and large size are probably fine.

Absorption sounds more like an unusual form of eating.

Invulnerability is an exaggeration. They are just too powerful in comparison.

I am uncertain about information analysis, since it isn't independently done, and likely not versatile enough.

Healing is more about mending wounds in other beings. Higher-dimensional manipulation might work, but also might not be versatil enough to count.

The weakness is fine.
Absorption: Well, they can absorb energy. The opening their armor stuff is just the way they do it.

Invulnerability: Brainiac stated that they armor are nearly impregnable and the likes of Superman briefly harmed the Anti-Monitor and the World Forger once. But i will understand if you still disagree.

Information Analysis: The titans have planted seeds of cosmic energy on every planet throughout the universe which likely created life and once the end of the universe comes (the source wall breaking), they awake and then, a tree made out of information spawn in some seeded planets on which they use to determine the dominant force on a planet.

Healing & Higher Dimensional Manipulation: POTM suggested that the titans just give to the wall the energy they absorbed and then, the wall heal itself. So, no adding them is fine.
1) Okay. I suppose that is fine then.

2) That is not enough. Sorry.

3) It seems too specific and depending on something external to be included to me.

4) Okay.
Yes. Tell me here when you are done.
Just to make sure should i remove Matter & Biological Manipulation?

Biological Manipulation/Life Manipulation: They planted seeds of cosmic energy on every planet throughout the universe, creating life
Limited Biological/Life Manipulation seems fine based on the above.

What is the reason for Matter Manipulation?
I don't remember why Matter Manipulation is on the profile and this power should be removed.
Thank you. I will close this thread then.
Not open for further replies.