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Vader forces his way and causes Vegeta to choke on his aspirations the end.

Jokes aside Vader has several ways to end the fight without even touching Vegeta plus Vegeta's mind manipulation resistance isn't even that impressive moreover it comes from his Buu saga key, at best using his battle instincts Vegeta would be able to tell that the lightsaber has some durability negation properties (similar to Krillian's destructo disc) but that's about it; unless Vegeta nukes the planet (which is OOC for him to do at the beginning of a fight), Vader takes this (if this isn't a stomp).
Darth Vador scales Massively above either 47.37 Zettatons (GBE) or 82.42 Zettatons (KE)

Vegeta scales Massively above either 17.43 Zettatons (low end) or 69.69 Zettatons (high end)
Yeah, this is a stomp.

Vader not only could win in a straight up fight, he utterly dominates with hax. Vegeta has no answer to Vader's mindhax, precog and telekensis. Vader can straight up just crush Vegeta's organs with a thought. He can dominate Vegeta's mind with a thought. Vader can just rip information out of Vegeta's head to learn things about him. His tutaminus and lightsaber give him a decent counter to most of Vegeta's ki attacks. Things like Dirty Fireworks don't mean anything because it's done with Telekinesis, which Vader has passive shields against and is much stronger with his telekinesis. Even if that wasn't the case, Vader will never allow him to do it because his precog will warn him and, again, he can stop Vegeta with a thought.

Hell, Vader's hax is good enough that he could reallistically beat most versions of Vegeta due to the fact that Vegeta has no counter or resistance worthy enough to deal with them and Vader is absolutely willing to abuse his powers in character.
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