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Carrie White Revision


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VS Battles
So this is the movie character that's been remade and talked about allot by supernatural horror fans.

However, I see a small issue with this page.Her AP seems higher than what it should be. 8-C is large buidling level, however she has Room level feats listed for her stat's reasoning. As it states:

"(Burnt down her school hall, blew up a car)"

Seems a lot weaker than Large Building. Unless she has higher feats, we should change it. Another couple things.

Although she's not the best mentally, she doesn't seem to be completely impaired to anything, more llke affected by a disorder.

And here profile picture. It's hard to she what she looks like, and it's quite graphic. Not that I'm offended, but she is hard to distinguish from like, every other girl covered in blood from a horro film. It also makes her look nude, to be honest.
Okay. You can change the page accordingly, if you wish.