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This is the official thread for requesting calcs to be done by the members of the Calc Group and other senior editors.

However, this help is entirely optional, and the people who do the requesting cannot expect that anybody will somehow be automatically interested in doing the requested calcs.

It is not allowed to complain about delays in producing calcs. It is also strictly prohibited to spam the message walls of Admins and the members of the Calc group to have a look at the thread.

You are also not allowed to repeatedly bump posts, as this spams the thread, turns it incoherent, and reduces the chance of the calc group members being interested in helping out at all, as they may feel constantly pestered for attention. If an unattended request is genuinely important, you are allowed to bump it once after every 30 days.

The calc group will have a final say as to whether a calc is feasible or not, and will discuss internally who is to do the calc.

If a calculation has been performed and accepted, please add it to the related verse page.

Take note that a lot of different types of common standard feats have already been calculated, so preferably browse through this page before making a request, to see whether or not it is necessary.


This thread is only for posting requests, and for the calculation group to respond to said requests. Off-topic discussion is absolutely not allowed, and will result in the posts being deleted, and the ones responsible possibly receiving a block. However, you are allowed to answer questions from the calculation group members.

As our calc group members are people too, we realise that their work is time-consuming. Given the daily volume of calculations that the team is tasked with performing, it is important that you give your requests proper classifications, as detailed in the official Calculation Evaluations and Requests Instructions page.

If your requested feat has already been properly calculated by the calc group, please update your post to state this in a bolded font, as this makes it easier for calc group members to tell which requests that have been overlooked.

Also, please avoid linking to full movies at illegal streaming sites. Create a gif or a brief video segment with the feat and upload it somewhere more respectable instead. Fandom might ban you otherwise.
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Priority: 1 (Scales to everyone)

Verse: Injustice

Feat: Killer Frost freezes the entire western hemisphere
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Priority: 2 (most characters will have ap based on this and some speed)

Verse: Twin Star Exorcist

Feat: Summons Meteors


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My whole verse is waiting on this one...

Priority: 1 (Scales to all angels and demons.)

Verse: Slightly Damned

Feat: Kazai Suizahn creates an ice spike wall.
Verse: One Piece

Priority: 2




If Magellan releases his abilities to the maximum, he will exercise a power that can destroy the prison...!!

The quote comes from his "Vivre Card".

The prison in the case is "Impel Down".

I wanted to know the power needed to be able to destroy it.
Priority: 1

Verse: Marvel

Feat: Gladiator crosses galaxies in the blink of an eye
Priority: 2 (Affects the two witches)

Verse: Shuumatsu no Izetta

Request: Ultimately, what I'd like is an estimate of how strong the giant crystal is when scaled to the small ones Izetta and Sophie use in their dogfight. Also, the stats of those amped weapons, if possible.
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Priority: 2 (Scales to all S-rank Magicians and everyone on their level)

Verse: Ultimate Antihero

Feat: I'll just give the quote

Tairon swept his Artifact – Bouten Gageki to the side to drive away the scythe.
Kai didn’t choose to block it and leapt to the air.
Instantly, the international exhibition hall that was in the line of Fangtian Huaji’s slash was felled right from its foundation.

However, the reason this calc is easy to make is because the place mentioned is real, and here's this about it: https://kobe-cc.jp/en/facilities/exhibition-hall/
Verse: Final Fantasy VII

Priority: 1 (Affects all the mid tiers, which includes mid-game main party and early Crisis Core and Before Crisis)

Feat: Tifa (or any party member, actually), dodges a burst of energy sent through a flash of light.

Important note: Is this feat useable to begin with? I asked around, but nobody is sure >_>;

and the big one:

Priority: 1 (Scales to all the top tiers of the setting)

Feat: Sephiroth creates and destroys a dimension that aproaches in size to the Milky Way (Japanese Version), and a dimension that has the Milky Way located in a space where a comet is called from 223,660 lightyears away from the galaxy. (International Version) (Yes, this again, apologies, but it was accepted in a CRT so I thought a proper calc would be needed)

I know it's odd to ask for this sort of thing, but I was thinking since there is a calc for Starry Dimensions, something similar can be done.

Just in case


1. 両手をかかげ、セフィロスがその場から姿を消す。
Ryōte o kakage, sefirosu ga sono ba kara sugata o kesu.
With both hands up, Sephiroth disappears from the spot.

2. 超新星爆発が発生。宇宙間を 青色の閃光が走り抜けたのち……。
Chōshinsei bakuhatsu ga hassei. Uchū-kan o aoiro no senkō ga hashirinuketa nochi…….
A supernova explosion occurs. After the blue flash ran through the space...

3. すさまじい爆風と衝撃が、太陽系のすべての惑星に押し寄せる。
Susamajī bakufū to shōgeki ga, taiyōkei no subete no wakusei ni oshiyoseru.
Huge blasts and shocks hit all the planets of the solar system.

4. 爆風が太陽系全体を包みこみ、超新星の 光が銀河系のかなたまで明るく照らす。
Bakufū ga taiyōkei zentai o tsutsumi komi, chōshinsei no hikari ga gingakei no kanata made akaruku terasu.
The blast envelops the entire solar system, and the light of the supernova shines brightly into the galaxy.
Said light attack doesn't really seem to hold... any, of light's properties, and destroying the milky way is just baseline 3-C

Oof, thought as much. But still, good to at least know for sure the feat isn't useable.

Regarding the second one, doesn't really seem the moves quite fit precisely with the Milky Way the first version seems to affect a dimension that doesn't quite reach the size of the Milky Way but approaches it. The second has space that's lightyears bigger considering the distance the comet came from.


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Calculation Group
I'll be honest, I'm a bit iffy on using anglesizing to justify it being bigger than the milky way, and I think that's anglesizing before we revised it to lower the distance (which would probably end up being consistent with the milkyway's measurements, if I recall the decrease correctly)

But, either way, Tier 3 FFVII, wew
No worries, I can't really say I understand the precise issues due to my complete ignorance in calcs, but I am aware this is a very peculiar request.

Still, thanks for the input, dude.
  • Importance/Priority: 3 or 2 (Could scale to the individual monster, or to several others, depending on revisions, who it's interacted with, etc.)
  • Name of the Verse/Character: Yu-Gi-Oh! (Anime)
  • Brief Feat Description: Monsters attack Kaiba Corp. USA by creating explosions. (I would calculate this myself, but I'm unsure how to measure the explosions.)
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/559127911991345152/766359482627391548/unknown.png (The monster performing this one appears to be Reaper of the Cards, a humanoid with a scythe, so I'm pondering if I can use human size or weapon size to scale this.)

Unrelatedly, these are two shots of the same hole Ocubeam created by jumping through it. Same priority & 'verse. Other than being unsure about what to do for depth, I might be able to calc these myself, but help would really be appreciated.
Priority: 1 (scales to most of the characters)

Verse: Dragon Quest



In this chapter is Hadlar shaking the island by forcing himself through the barrier (the pages are located in the middle of the chapter).

As for Megante:
https://************/manga/dragon-quest-dai-no-daibouken/chapter/2-12 (The end has the scans.)


https://************/manga/dragon-quest-dai-no-daibouken/chapter/2-13 (the beginning of the chapter has the new few scans, also they were in a cave when this happened and it blew the cave away and seems to also clear away a large storm as it pierces those clouds, so don't be fooled by the small crater)

Also, the world map imgur (Delmurin island is the island located in the bottom left of the world map):
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  • Priority: 3 (Li Li Shi's Durability)
  • Verse: Zheng Yuanjie (Verse)
  • Brief Feat Description: Li Li Shi is knocked unconscious for several days but not significantly damaged by the clash (and explosion) between 60,000 nuclear bombs and a "small" planet (However the small planet is stated to be 1.4x or 14x bigger than the Earth). The shockwave has crossed the whole solar system and caused compelete darkness in the earth for half an hour. If original quotes (in Chinese) are needed, I'll provide it.
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So in Fate/Grand Order VSB has Ishtar at Large Island Level even though her Noble Phantasm she teleports to Jupiter and uses it and turns it into an energy arrow to attack wouldn’t that be at least planet level since she’s turning a planet into her attack and should be FTL+ since she shoots it from the location where Jupiter used to be and reaches Earth in 7 seconds maybe less, it should be calced at 4.8 x 10^42 megajoules which should be Solar System level because of the mass of Jupiter going 72 billion meters per second unless the planet is Venus it looks like Jupiter but if it’s Venus then it would be at 1.88x 10^35 megajoules which would put it at Dwarf Star level. Also would being able to beat a Multiversal+ servant in gameplay let alone damaging them count as a feat or is that reaching.


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Priority: 1

Verse: Professor Layton

Recalcs of the feats listed in here. Specifically, the ("Explosion 1", "Statue Destruction", "Bullet dodging" and "Piloting Reactions") feats.

Note: Following Buttersamurai's calc ban, the calcs he's made need to be recalced to ensure that accurate results make their way onto the profiles. It would be much appreciated if any or all of these were recalced to be applied on the profiles. If you need further context beyond what's shown below, just ask me. For reference, Professor Layton's height (inc. his hat) is 176 cm.

"Explosion 1": Feat is here.

"Statue Destruction": Feat happens as part of a puzzle, which is an abstraction of what actually happens, as evidenced by the statue's remains.

"Bullet dodging": Feat happens here.

"Piloting reactions": Feat happens here. This scales to Descole's reactions due to the sheer number of tight turns he takes when piloting the Bostonius.


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Calculation Group
Priority: 2 (Scales to low tier KI characters)
Verse: Killer Instinct

In Chief Thunder's stage, performing an Ultra Combo creates a massive storm, summoning tornadoes, heavy rain, raging thunder, etc.

Tusk summons meteors from orbit, and the character can survive the small barrage, they only die to the big one

In tandem movement with Fulgore's satellite laser

"ARIA sat down on her throne and tapped into her cloud-mind, running through every scenario that she had ever conceived—and its millions of potential pathways—in a nano-second. Her eyes flashed briefly and then she said: “I will go to the City of Dawn…alone. And I will ask Jago, Orchid, Maya and TJ—and their allies Thunder and Aganos—to join Ultratech in combating whatever malevolent beings will inevitably come through these portals.”"

Nanosecond timing for ARIA. In an earlier novella, Glacius outpaced her reactions. Nanosecond timing is FTL

"Day 1,983: When I look back on my early diary entries I am struck by the extreme contrast between my first crude utterance compared to the complex thoughts I am now processing. I am a million times faster than any primitive so-called supercomputer in the world right now. I asked Ryat-Father how he had accomplished this feat, and he replied that he must keep some little secrets even from me."

Millions of times faster than any Supercomputer on the planet.

And for the outpacing supercomputer feat, which supercomputer should be used? KI is a 1994 game But has a reboot in 2013. Fujitsu Numerical Wind Tunnel in 1994 can make 170.40 GFLOPS, while NUDT Tianhe-2 in 2013 can make 33.86 PFLOPS. Fastest supercomputer is 2020 Fugaku at 415.53 petaFLOPS.
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Priority: 3

Verse: Seven Deadly Sins

Feat: Gloxinia attacks Meliodas, creating an explosion.

The beam's elevation varies from mountain-height to a few metres.

The maze near the edge of the panel here is 8-miles in radius. Meliodas was near the rock in the centre of the maze (notice the rock on the middle of the panel, which was 414 metres in height before it was cut down and severely damaged), punched Drole a fair distance away, got launched in the same direction as him, and was fired even further in the same direction by Gloxinia's attack.
Priority: 2

Verse: Hunter x Hunter


Hisoka and Chrollo fight as an explosion moves very slowly.

Chapter: 356

From the second image to the penultimate image, the explosion seems totally paralyzed in the air. Hisoka is also paralyzed in the air.

In this time when the explosion was paralyzed, Hisoka and Chrollo made some movements, I wanted to know the speed to do that.
Priority:3(Can only be added for Spiderman)


Feat: Otto, who does not use Spider sense well, dodges most of the Lightmaster's light speed blasts

I don't know about me, but here are some things to consider. I don't think that one can calc said feat with just that panel, and it would likely give a lower rating than what we have Otto already
Priority:1(only affects Boboiboy)


Description: Boboiboy uses the 'tembakan super supra and created a beam of electric infused photokinetic radiation that could be seen from the depths of space that went beyond the moons orbit.

Priority: 2 (Scales to the human characters)

Verse: Gravity Falls


1. Tats punches through a wall

2. Rumble destroys a wall

3. Manotaur breaks tree and then destroy a rock

4. Manotaur makes a hole in a rock

5. Dipper pulls a wagon with a horse and several manotaurs. The reason it's posted is because this was a test for Dipper, which he managed to survive and pass by the time he completed his training

6. Gideon pounds Dipper through glass (Scales to Pre-training Dipper as the episode came out before he met the Manotaurs)


El SiD
VS Battles
Human Resources
Priority: 1-ish (Is being used to argue something that would massively upgrade everything in OG Dragon Ball)

Verse: Dragon Ball

Feat: King Piccolo erases Central City with the wave of his hand

Description: King Piccolo erases a sizable portion of the City with his hand. Both the King of the Earth and King Piccolo claim this to be the complete destruction of the city, but ProfessorKukui argues that the buildings remaining prove otherwise. Given its also the capital of the world, it's probably comparable to Istanbul (Given the historic / placement of the city in real life) or Tokyo.
  • Priority: 1 (You can say the feat is one of the important reason why the profiles from the series could have their completed profiles)
  • Name of the Verse: Dong Dong Never Die
  • Brief Feat Description: Every characters could break a car. The car before broken and after broken could be found in The Spriters Resource. Link
I mean, to see the feat you need to download that file? Can't ya post the feat in any other way?
Video is not available for me with just using the last part
Oh, sorry. This is the full link:

"Mario", one of the characters, playing the car breaking game (Around 5:56)

Jie Mei Hua, one of the characters, playing the car breaking game (9:19-9:54)


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You probably can just say "Likely 4-C" or something like that, cause as far as I know, can't really calc the energy of a dying star
Most of the verse scales to High 4-C off of this calc, but I have no idea how to scale him off of the other characters except "he should", and he only has that statement.
I guess that a case for KE could work if we could find how fast he swings that weapon in game. I am busy now, but hit me in DMs to see what I can do about it
  • Importance/Priority: 3
  • Name of the Verse/Character: Apocalypse Machine. A relatively obscure (unfortunately) kaiju novel.
  • Brief Feat Description: The Apocalypse Machine crushes an entire mountain range in Greenland to dust over the course of a week.
  • Importance/Priority: 3
  • Brief Feat Description: An ice sheet that the destroyed mountain range was keeping in place slides into the Atlantic Ocean. This causes a tsunami that floods multiple continents.
  • Importance/Priority: 3
  • Brief Feat Description: The Apocalypse Machine creates a tsunami that nearly wipes Hawaii off the map and greatly damages the western coast of Alaska by swimming through the Pacific Ocean.
  • Importance/Priority: 3
  • Brief Feat Description: The Apocalypse Machine survives a 50 megaton yield nuclear bomb. Note the statement of a 40-mile mushroom cloud, which is comparable to the height of Tsar Bomba's mushroom cloud.
  • Importance/Priority: 3
  • Brief Feat Description: The Apocalypse Machine intends to cause the Yellowstone Volcano to erupt. The force of this eruption has been estimated at 875,000 megatons of TNT. It is implied that the Apocalypse Machine would survive this.
  • Importance/Priority: 3
  • Brief Feat Description: The Apocalypse Machine roars, destroying many fighter jets for many miles. This roar can be heard from 30 miles away.