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Calculation Evaluations

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This is a thread in which users can place links to their new blog post calculations, to inform the community about their existence before they are accepted, without having to message each member of the calculation group individually.

If you need them to evaluate important off-site calculations, you can first start separate evaluation threads in the content revision forum, and then link to them here.

If this fails to garner attention, users can start sending polite personal messages to the calculation group members as usual.

Discussions should obviously not take place here, but rather in the linked to blogs or content revision threads.

However, simply stating which series/fiction/verse/franchise that the calculation concerns, might be a good idea to get some interest.

It is strongly recommended that the calculation group members within the Vs Battles staff subscribe to this topic.
Fantastic. I have a new calculation here that could use some input. Already got one approval on two forums each. Some more opinions would be appreciated.
@Drellix Yes. It is okay. But you should first create a thread in our content revision forum, which links to the off-site calculation. And then you can link to the content revision thread in this topic.
Sorry,these calcs could use a lot more input, these are good HNK feats that could really help boost the franchise [here], [here], and this last one I have a full explanation if they have a problem with it , [here]
It is already listed under "Featured -> Threads" in the navigation bar.
Though i don't want to flood this thread a bit with HnK stuff, there is a calc that Xcano made here that can give a HnK character an actual speed rank if anybody can check it out...
Here's a calc I made for the Duck Hunt Dog/Duck in Smash Bros. The calc is based on the third variant of his up-special.

It's in a thread instead of a blog post.
Not open for further replies.