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Butters Loser Bracket: Round 7 Bobby Hill vs Phil Matibag

And we come to the second to last fight of the first round. We will soon enter into our returning fighters. But first. We have A battle between Bobby Hill from King of The Hill, Submitted by Jackythejack, going up against Phil Matibag from The Nutshack, Submitted by Agletonwiki

The Current Standings

Both are 9-B obviously

Base Phil will be used

Bobby scale to 516,644.24 Joules

Phil scale above 300,000 Joules

That's all. Let's go!

Bobby Hill:

Phil Matibag: 7

MistaClean said:
Thats not gonna KO him and type 2 immortaliy helps.
It caused every person he kicked, including Hank, who's stronger than him by a good amount to black out entirely. Don't see much a difference here. Especially if he does it on repeat to someone weaker than him

Immortality 2 doesn't stop that so it doesn't help prevent KO
If Phil has any type of fighting experience he should be able to see the kick coming and block it. This scenario is presumably different from the one with hank because I'm guessing Hank wasn't exactly trying to fight his own child to the death or really try all that hard
Teaching someone how to fight doesn't mean going all out on them though. You start slow and with the basics. And if Phil has any knowledge higher than a self defense class he should be able to see the attack coming.
Phil FRA Bobby has experience but not good experience he knows wrestling but Phil can break out of his grip he knows women's self defense but all it's good for is a surprise attack Bobby hasn't fought anyone with good experience like Phil who isn't gonna let him kick him in the balls