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Butters Brackets: Round 2 Joseph Joestar vs Sly Marbo

We move onto around 2 of our building level brackets. This second round we have Joseph Joestar From JoJos Bizarre Adventures, Submitted by I'm Blue daba dee daba die, going up against Sly Marbo, From WarHammer 40,000, Submitted by 00Potato. Let's see who comes out on top between these two

The Current Standings

Speed is equal

Sly Marbo scales to 0.468 Tons of TNT

Joseph Joestar scales to 1.01 Tons of TNT

Joseph is in his Stardust Crusaders Key

That's all. Let's see

Sly Marbo: 7

Joseph Joestar:

Why did sly marbo, the in verse koke character, get used of all people

Idk how much we can really use, by if his statements are reliable he has better aim than a vindicare. I guess Joseph is just shot to death from miles away since those guys shot someone on the moon from a planet once, among many other things.
I've got to give this to Marbo. not only is he fast enough to save a flying prymarc with a very poisonous kamakazi frog on his head by kicking the frog very high in the air without setting it off prematurely but he also rammed said primarc back to the ground. not to mention he raided a Dark Eldar stronghold to save captured civilians BY HIMSELF. there is a reason the Catachan Jungle Fighters call him a One Man Army.