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High 8-C Tournament

Before everyone starts nominating, let's go over the ground rules:

1: Each person can only nominate 2 characters (While they can be part of the same series, they must not have fought canonically).

2: Only nominate characters that scale to, or have, 2 to 11 Ton feats (if not feat is described, they will be labeled as baseline, but still allowed to participate).

3: Hax are fine (though please try to steer clear of them), as long as they don't render matches as stomps (ex: Casuality Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Existence and Abstract Existence).

4: Should an inconclusive pop up, I will flip a coin (Heads for the former combatant, tails for the latter). Stomps immediately eliminate the weaker fighter. However, if any characters break the rules list here, they will be disqualified.

5: Across all fights, speed is equalized.

Other than that, there are 16 characters to nominate (2 max for each verse).

Tournament Brackets: Brackets! Get yo brackets!


1: Akame (Akema ga Kill!) (AP: 4.98 Tons) Popted2

2: Yang Xiao Long (RWBY) (AP: 4.34 Tons) Popted2

3: Ruby Rose (RWBY) (AP: 3.41 Tons) EnderLord8

4: Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) (AP: Baseline) Shadyboi0

5: Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa) (AP: 6.01 Tons) StrymULTRA

6: Nekomaru Nidai (Danganronpa) (AP: 6.01 Tons) StrymULTRA

7: Joseph Joestar (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) (AP: 2-6 Tons) FluffyCreatureZ

8: Captain Titus (Warhammer 40,000) (AP: 7.92 Tons) Myself

9: Tombstone (Marvel's Spider-Man) (AP: 3.65 Tons) MistaClean

10: Miles Morales (Marvel's Spider-Man) (AP: 3.65 Tons) ZoroNotZolo

11: Right Hand Man (Henry Stickmin) (AP: ) Adem Warlock69

12: Ryūko Matoi (Kill la Kill) (AP: ) GruntsMan889

13: Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) (AP: ) Veloxt1r0kore

14: Javik (Mass Effect) (AP: ) Whiteoak019

15: Fancy Pants Man (The Fancy Pants Adventures) (AP: 7.22 Tons) GruntsMan889

16: Ulfric Stormcloack (The Elder Scrolls) (AP: ) Imaginym

Let the games begin!

Round 1, Match 1: Nekomaru Nidai VS Miles Morales (Winner: ???)

Round 1, Match 2: Fancy Pants Man VS Javik (Winner: ???)

Round 1, Match 3: Tombstone VS Right Hand Man (Winner: ???)

Round 1, Match 4: Captain Titus VS Joseph Joestar (Winner: ???)

Round 1, Match 5: Akame VS Ryūko Matoi (Winner: ???)

Round 1, Match 6: Junko Enoshima VS Ulfric Stormcloak (Winner: ???)

Round 1, Match 7: Ruby Rose VS Jotaro Kujo (Winner: ???)

Round 1, Match 8: Yang Xiao Long VS Ken Kaneki (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 1, Match 9: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 1, Match 10: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 1, Match 11: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 1, Match 12: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Round 2, Match 13: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Round 2, Match 14: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Round 2, Match 15: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Round 2, Match 16: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 2, Match 17: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 2, Match 18: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 2, Match 19: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 2, Match 20: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 3, Match 21: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 3, Match 22: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Round 3, Match 23: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Round 3, Match 24: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 4, Match 25: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 4, Match 26: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 5, Match 27: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Semifinals, Match 28: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Losers Round 6, Match 29: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)

Finals, Match 30: ??? VS ??? (Winner: ???)
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Magic that involves reality warping. Sorry, but he's not getting in. GB is still good to use.
In Ulfric's defense, going by Notable Attacks/Techniques, only 2 of his Thu'um Shouts are known:

A variant of Unrelenting force: The shout which pushes aside anything that stands in the user's path, which it is not the version that the Dovahkiin or Thu'um Masters have ever used. The shout is more like a gas valve that releases very powerful forces can push a person into pieces

A variant of Disarm: The shout which rips the weapon from the opponent's hand, rendering them defenseless, which it is not the version that the Dovahkiin or Thu'um Masters have ever used.

While his experience described on the page suggests that he may be more experienced:
1. Studied under the Greybeards at High Hrothgar to learn how to use the Thu'um, for an unknown amount of time & success....
2. (Later in life), was rumoured to have used the Thu'um to achieve a victory in a battle to recapture the Reach, & in said battle, he "overthrew and captured the Forsworn leader, Madanach."

Put simply, if you've ever played Skyrim, you'll know of the Dragonborn. The Dragonborn uses Shouts/The Thu'um to do Magical Reality Warping. Ulfric's Magical Reality Warping is also done via Shouts/The Thu'um.

Except only 2 of the things he can do with it (Which I quoted above.) are actually known/listed on his profile (Move things out of his path & disarm weapons from a foe's hand.) so it's seemingly not very versatile Magic/Reality Warping.
Venom for the last spot, of course the base key

Also would it be good it should be Whamu instead Jotaro? I mean the whole stand rule can be hard to debated with


how tf did General Blue get accepted
his entire thing is he literally looks at you and you're paralyzd
If General Blue going to be removed then i would like to put Kaneki Ken, Post-Dragon and Kakuja Wing are restricted

Fun Fact: He was added in High 8-C tourney by Ovens but the tourney seems to be dead